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Write an essay about education in egypt

December 12, 2014 The Future of Egypt is in Education In present terms, stable democracies are also liberal democracies, both composed of certain key characteristics such as free elections, multiple political parties, sovereignty in law, and a deep-seated respect for civil and human rights.

In this model, education has been widely considered the foundation that enables civic societies to thrive. Educating the masses pushes for active, knowledgeable participation in socio-political issues.

Egypt - Educational System—overview

The specific composition of such an education that is the most efficient for a democracy is continuously being debated. Nonetheless, education is one of the prerequisites to a shift to democracy that should be prioritised in Egyptian policy. When discussing Egypt, it is a common tendency to also think about the Middle East, which, geopolitically, is an accurate association. However, Egypt has been a forgotten African power for many years.

One inspiration for Egyptian youth is Fred Swaniker. Swaniker is a young Ghanaian who has travelled and lived in around 10 different African nations after initially fleeing political uprisings and coups across the continent. What is the African Leadership Program? Many feel that the current era has the potential to possibly become the greatest Africa has seen yet…if given the right tools. The academy essentially consists of a two-year pre-university curriculum, but Gap-Year and Global-Scholars segments are also offered in order accommodate as many ambitious individuals as possible.

Swaniker describes the program as simply the promotion of a leadership development formula in which education is given an increasingly important place in the minds of young Africans.

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This instills importance in knowledge so that they are better prepared to potentially hold leadership positions in the future. Presidents like Julius Nyrerere of Tanzania remain role models for young Africans until today. The presidents that followed, however, are known to have caused havoc in Africa by letting conflict, corruption and economic degradation take over. One tragic example of this is seen during the disastrous events that occurred in the Democratic Republic of Congo then Zaire under Mobatu Sese Seko.

The most recent chapter of presidents and leaders seem to be attempting to reverse mistakes made by the former generations. They are by no means perfect in his opinion, but they are indeed an improvement regarding, for instance, their responsibility to the people, mirroring some of the more noble examples, like Nelson Mandela. Tying in Egypt Egypt has experienced tension in recent years in its relationship with African states, such as Ethiopia and the concern of the Grand Renaissance Dam, or even the African Union as a whole when facing the ousting of former President Mohamed Morsi last year.

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Historically speaking, Egypt has ranked amongst the most educated of states in the Middle East and Africa overall when accounting for the amount of scholars, doctors, intellectuals and the like that originated from the nation. Education took on a central role in modernization projects under the presidency of Nasser, allowing it to become free and accessible to all Egyptian citizens.

  • The good thing for Egyptians it is for free but there is about 75 students per class for some of them;
  • Government schools[ edit ] Generally speaking, there are two types of government schools;
  • Specifically with respect to teacher's professional development to raise mathematics , science and technology teaching standards, the Professional Academy for Teachers offer several programs;
  • Education plans to be one of the lead sectors in this process;
  • Courtesy MASS Alexandria With this in mind, the artists who took part in the MASS program were each required to articulate their own artwork as well as that of others through a series of exercises.

In the face write an essay about education in egypt this dilemma, two trends appeared. First, students from wealthy families were provided with an alternative route: Next, an informal and ineffective educational sector had grown out of the gaps in public schooling infrastructure, causing deep inequalities between students whose parents can afford private tutoring and those who cannot.

The following decline in the quality of education became more dangerous than many Egyptians believe it to be, and the civic values of any liberal democratic state are not being taught, leaving students uninformed of the dynamics of the nation they will one day be responsible for.

Some of the many hopeful outcomes include a decline in cultural violence, or even the beginning of an Egyptian secular state. With the demographic boom Africa is seeing today, there seems to be a new sprout in the centre of our world: If not properly educated, however, future populations will consequently be facing even more alarming problems such in public policy, health, even nutrition. Children in Saint Catherine had the rare opportunity to build a snowman at school in December 2013 President Al Sisi has succeeded in portraying his election as a turning point in Egyptian politics, and has launched development plans and ideas for projects that benefit Egypt, such as the Suez Canal Project, or his campaign supporting the use of bicycles as alternative means of transportation.