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A comparison and contrast of shaped ski revolution by sonoma county and snowboard guide

Information ranged from safety to ski technique. Skiers must learn to ski on the new skis, because their old skiing style will not perform the same compared to the new skiing style Sonoma 1. This made the article harder to understand and comprehend. The new shaped skis have caused a revolution in the sport of downhill skiing. Shaped skis have made intermediate skiers ski like experts Taylor 1. From young to old, the ski revolution has begun and many are experiencing its effects.

Taylor gave excellent examples of who was using the shaped skis, such as beginners to the experts. They did not give examples of who specifically was using the new shaped skis. The information from the guide was somewhat irrelevant for my needs and was too much in detail. The new ski revolution is here and it will continue to stay until the days of old convention skis are gone.

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Today, every major ski manufacture is making there own line of shaped skis Taylor 1. This new trend or revolution has been stretched worldwide. For example, people from the Alps to the Rocky Mountains are experiencing the new shaped skis. Major ski manufactures are investing millions of dollars to increase the technology of the new shaped ski.

This information of different companies and the outstretch of the new technology will be very useful in my final research paper. It explained that the new skis required a new type of skiing style. This style is something that must be learned and developed by each skier at each skiing level. With the combination of new skiing technology and developing the skiing style that goes along with the new skis.

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History is a major part of anything, everything must come from somewhere. I noticed in Taylors article there was a major difference in when the article was written. His article had key references to where and when the new shaped ski revolution began. Both articles proved to have very useful information in them. When looking at sources one must look at who wrote the source. Rich Taylor is a writer for a well known and respected magazine, making his article more reliable.

A comparison and contrast of shaped ski revolution by sonoma county and snowboard guide

The Sonoma Ski and Snowboard Guide is not as well known or respected and the article is not looked upon as an article that reliable and trustworthy. Each article presented specific information that will prove to be useful in my final paper.

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Bibliography Annotated Bibliography Carbone, Claudia. Her article was a commentary on the new technology. Gives his appreciation to the conventional ski. In my article I would like to also give appreciation to the conventional ski. What the ski has done and some of its benefits. Skiing is a sport that has been around for a long time, I would like to honor some of the history.

The article explains where the ski has performed very well and where the technology is heading in the future. This article also gives regards to a few of the pioneering companies for the shaped ski.

One must know basic skills when learning. This article gave step by step instructions on how to use the new shaped ski.

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It gave instruction for racing to powder skiing. I would like to share tips for using the skis in my paper and I feel that this article give great tips and will help me give a general idea of how to use these new skis] Oliver, Peter.

This article explains how the ski is safer and studies have shown that the new ski causes less knee injuries. This article will be beneficial in the explanation of the safety side of skiing. This article proved to be very helpful. There were good pictures and detailed drawings that show how the shaped ski works compared to its counter-type the conventional ski. Following the successful revolution, Stalin was appointed. Comparative Analysis The previous part of this paper has.

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