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A discussion of the transition and change of the internet

This class and the previous one form the foundation for Assignment 3: Mapping a Socio-Technical Transition, which will be assigned and discussed in this class.

See Additional Resources for this class before you begin the readings and Assignment 3 in the Assignments section of this website. Typology of Sociotechnical Transition Pathways. Supplemental Readings Scott, Kakee.

  • April 7, 2016 Designing for Transition draft-thaler-transition-principles-00;
  • This change inherently has security implications due to the widespread deployment of a new version of the Internet Protocol but these are beyond the scope of this document and are covered in [ RFC4942 ];
  • Further, while there are common scenarios that may be specified for transitioning individual networks refer to [ RFC3750 ] [ RFC4057 ] and [ CAMPUS ] , the specific timeline and mechanisms utilized for a given network will be unique.

Designing for an Emergent Post-Car Culture. In Science, Society and Sustainability.

Twomey, Paul and Idil Gaziulusoy. Review of System Innovation and Transitions Theories.

  • AFRINIC called on the diverse African community, from governments to business to end-users, as all are involved and need to participate in the process to make their concerns heard;
  • Mapping a Socio-Technical Transition will be introduced in the last 20 minutes of class;
  • A way to effectively communicate the proposed plan to the entities affected, and incorporate their feedback 5;
  • It discussed two types of transitions:

Mapping a Socio-Technical Transition Assignment 3: Mapping a Socio-Technical Transition will be introduced in the last 20 minutes of class. As homework, teams should review their research and conduct additional research if needed to ensure that they have identified events, changes in social norms, beliefs, practices, technological developments etc.

Theories of Change & Critiques of Everyday Life

Team will use the next class period to work on Mapping a Socio-Technical Transition in which their wicked problem is implicated. Refer to Assignment 3 for more details.

Work on Assignment 3 in class — 3. Assignment 3 Using a large project canvas provided, Teams will use the entire class period to map a socio-technical transition that forms the context for their wicked problem.

The internet is changing the definition of television

Another way to think about this assignment is to look at what historical socio-technical transition gave rise, or formed the roots of the wicked problem in Pittsburgh you are studying. Refer to Assignment 3 on the website for more details. Things to think about when formulating your presentations Speculate on how easy or difficult it was to trace a socio-technical transition using the MLP.

Could you imagine using it as a design strategy? Was your team able to think in terms of technology transition?

Read Prior to Class

Does it feel like a skill that you might get better at? Does our habitual way of thinking in short horizons of time impede our ability to see transitions in hindsight and follow a trajectory into a probable future? In what ways might working with the MLP enhance or conflict with traditional, more established design approaches?

  • Refer to Assignment 3 on the website for more details;
  • Some important observations included:

Read Prior to Class.