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See Article History Alternative Title: Adams was raised in a rural community outside NewburyBerkshire, where he led an isolated childhood mostly occupied by exploring his bucolic surroundings. He enrolled at Worcester College, Oxford, in 1938, but the advent of World War II the next year necessitated the postponement of his studies. In 1940 he enlisted in the Royal Army Service Corps, joining an airborne company.

  • Among the rabbits he takes with him are Dandelion, who is the story teller, Blackberry, the smartest rabbit, and Big Wig, the gruff soldier;
  • The Efrafa warren is run by a "Hitler" image tyrant who kills all who oppose him and runs a tightly controlled warren with no freedom of movement for the members;
  • The first group of Watership Down or "Honeycomb" rabbits barely escape with their lives;
  • They devise a carefully organized plot, with only the escape detail left uncertain.

He found work with the civil serviceeventually advancing to assistant secretary in the precursor to the Department of the Environment in 1968. He cowrote the version of the Clean Air Act passed that year. Because he was largely immersed in work and raising a family he married in 1949Adams did not begin writing until 1966. While on a car trip with his daughters, he began telling them a story about a warren of rabbits; the girls urged him to put the story to paper.

Adams penned the tale over the next two years, consulting R. What emerged was a sui generis work of fiction: The work was rejected by several publishing houses before a small independent publisher accepted it.

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The book became a runaway best seller in the United States when it was published there in 1974. The profits allowed Adams to begin writing full-time that year. Shardik 1974 relates the formation of a religion centred on a giant bear; the protagonists are human.

  • He was inducted into the Royal Society of Literature in 1975;
  • The rabbits befriend a wounded sea gull who helps them find more rabbits;
  • The price they pay, however, is that frequently the man sets snares and captures just enough rabbits to satisfy his need at the time;
  • His autobiography, The Day Gone By, was published in 1990.

The Plague Dogs 1977; film 1982 explores issues of animal rights through the tale of two dogs that escape from a research facility—possibly carrying the bubonic plague. The novels The Girl in a Swing 1980; film 1988 and Maia 1984 drew attention for their graphic depictions of sexuality.

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Adams took a different approach to anthropomorphism with Traveller 1988told from the perspective of Robert E. He returned to his intrepid lagomorphs with Tales from Watership Down in 1996.

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Daniel 2006 concerns a former slave who becomes an abolitionist. His autobiography, The Day Gone By, was published in 1990. He was inducted into the Royal Society of Literature in 1975.