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Want to know more, or have a specific question? Read More When Bailey first started attending lessons he lacked in confidence and was unable to wet his hair or face without panicking or getting upset. Working closely with Kristy TeacherBailey began to show signs of confidence in the water. During another family visit to the a review of swimming worlds a film starring adam sandler Bailey was involved in a small incident where he had attempted to climb out of the pool and had slipped back and fell into deeper water.

As we rushed to his aid, much to our surprise, Bailey had happily surfaced after a couple of seconds and was doggy paddling his way back to the ledge. We would like to thank Paul Sadler Swimland Melton for their amazing service and support with Bailey. A special mention to Kristy for her firm yet fun approach with Bailey which is exactly the push he needed to gain confidence around the water.

Jackie Over the last two years we have changed days and had different teachers, but they have all been excellent! They show a real passion for their work and maintain an excellent rapport with both of my children, helping them to achieve their goals. Read More Since coming to Paul Sadler Swimland, the kids have come ahead in leaps and bounds and I would strongly recommend others attend this great swim school! Although my kids are only three and four years old, they are already showing great potential and I have no doubt they will be strong, confident swimmers in the future.

Thank you, Katie Dennis When he began swimming lessons, our three-year-old son, Joseph, would scream and cry with fear, not wanting to get in the pool. Now, just six months later, he is excited about swimming, striving to participate and working towards getting certificates.

We attribute this success to the patience and efforts of the Paul Sadler Swimland Taylors Lakes staff.

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Thankyou, Rosie I just want to put into words how grateful we are for the staff at Paul Sadler Swimland. Read More Our son, Murray, has struggled with a fear of water and lack of confidence for eight years.

We gave up swimming lessons with him as a baby because he would scream and cry before even getting in the pool. It was hard for us as a family because we wanted him to enjoy swimming as much as we did, but no amount of encouraging or bribing could get him in the water. We believe that swimming is a survival skill and something everyone should be able to do, so when he turned seven years old we told him that he had no choice. We enrolled him in swimming lessons at Paul Sadler Swimland Rowville and, once again, the crying began.

After a few months it was still heartbreaking for us to see him so petrified and we were almost at the point of giving up.

We then spoke to the Deck Supervisors, who suggested that Murray be placed in a class that would more specifically cater to his needs. Over the last term, Murray has built trust and a positive relationship with his teacher, Heather, and is making huge progress. Murray still has a long way to go, but just seeing the smile on his face when he gets in the pool now has blown us away.

Thank you Swimland, we are so grateful. Murray Harper started in Swordy Tots when she was 16 months old. When it was time for Harper to move up by herself she was very hesitant and upset.

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Read More Her new teacher, Lucie, was absolutely amazing! Harper settled in within one week thanks to Lucie being so patient and encouraging. For this past Christmas, Harper asked Santa for dolls. She takes them into the bath and teaches them swimming, just like Lucie has taught her! The Cooper family While on holidays, our three year old daughter fell into the pool without floaties on.

It was that valuable skill that helped our daughter that day and we cannot emphasise the importance of teaching your child to swim and survive enough. Thank you Paul Sadler Swimland. Happy Parents About a year ago, my daughter and I had a scare elsewhere in the water, which meant that at first I was a little hesitant to give Evie the independence in the water that she needed.

  • However, over the years we noticed that Amelia struggled with her confidence and enjoyment of swimming;
  • We are forever grateful to the Paul Sadler staff for their dedication to providing our children with survival skills around the water;
  • Whilst the sneaky McGavin thought it would help him win the mind games leading up to the Tour Championships the incident, along with his coach's death, merely inspired the former ice hockey player;
  • Both my daughters have been going since they were 6 months old… They are now 6 and 3… Every single staff member we have encountered has been so caring, nurturing and fun loving!
  • Peterson had been away from the limelight for many years after the unfortunate accident that saw him lose a hand to an alligator.

Read More The teachers at Paul Sadler really understand how to push Evie to her limits without making her or me feel uncomfortable. Mel often uses Evie to demonstrate each activity and I see that this really encourages her to do her best and progress on to the next stage. Evie gains more confidence every week. Thank you Paul Sadler Swimland My daughter, Annika, has been participating in lessons for three terms now she is 15 months old and the staff have been wonderful, friendly and helpful.

Read More During this time I have seen my a review of swimming worlds a film starring adam sandler grow so much! Paul is fantastic with the children, he mixes up the classes to make them interesting and is always encouraging the children. On top of this, he explains everything to the parents and tells us ways to help encourage our children to perform tasks. We are so happy with Paul and all the staff working at the Hoppers Crossing swim school.

Thank you for providing such a great program! Read More She had never been in a swimming pool before — her only experience with water was baths and a few trips to the beach. At the beginning she was quite scared of water and lacked confidence. In only 13 months, she has gotten seven certificates and is now aiming for her Maxi Blue certificate. She has gained so much confidence and loves coming to her swimming lessons. Her teachers have been fantastic and are also amazed at how quickly she has progressed so far.

At home we have a pool and whenever Zach is swimming he always has his floaties on and stays on the step with us. One day recently we had decided it was time to get out and relax by the pool. Read More As he was playing he kept moving closer to the pool edge.

We repeatedly told him to move away, but he was trying to get a ball that was floating near the edge. Although we continued to tell him to move away, he stretched further for the ball and fell in — with no floaties on!

While we were on holiday in Bali, our daughter Amelia was being looked after. We forgot to point out that she needed her arm floaties on if she was to go swimming and Amelia went down the water slide without her floaties. Luckily, she managed to swim herself to safety, and was okay.

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Without the swimming lessons she has had this year, she would not have been able to get back to the edge safely. Firstly, please allow to express my happiness with everybody there. Being the father of a child on the Spectrum, I am fully aware that there are always delicacies at play. Read More Last week, I saw a little boy performing the treading water exercise, during which he became quite upset, afraid and scared. The lady in charge of the group was on top of the situation and stayed with the boy for the next 20 minutes.

The mother, to her credit, refrained from interrupting and allowed the teacher to take care of the situation. Well done Celynn, and a large round for applause to all of you. In 2012, his Mum had a very bad car accident and was too afraid to drive her two sons to their swimming lessons and subsequently had to remove them. Read More But she was determined to get her boys back into lessons, even if it meant that she would have to drive again. When Paul Sadler Swimland Parkwood Green opened close to her home, she enrolled both her sons and has been thrilled with their progress.

She now drives a short distance to swimming lessons every week and has enjoyed watching both boys excel in the program. One year ago, Suma 41who was very fearful of water, decided to enrol into adult swimming lessons at Paul Sadler Swimland Parkwood Green. She was very scared and initially feared putting her face into the water.

With determination over the year, she has progressed from being a beginning swimmer to a swimmer who can confidently swim 25 m of freestyle and 25 m of backstroke. During their stay, they signed up for a boat ride out to the Great Barrier Reef, where they would snorkel and scuba dive for the day. Last month, my 21 month old son, Connor, was outside with his father on a Sunday afternoon playing in the garden. Connor, being an inquisitive little boy who loves water, decided to investigate the waterfall to our swimming pool.

All of sudden, his father heard a splash and Connor was in the pool, fully clothed. He was dressed in a heavy warm coat, pants, top and runners.

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Read More The next thing that happened amazed his father. One of the best decisions we have made is enrolling Connor in weekly swimming lessons with the Swordy Tot Program at Paul Sadler Swimland! Tracie Rourke Our eldest daughter, Gemma, began swimming lessons at Swimland when she was six months old, but we left when Jasmine was born. Then, in December 2011, while we were at a family function at Portsea, Gemma walked into a pool without floaties or an adult supervising.

Read More I never forgave myself as I was supposed to be looking after her. So, in February 2012, we booked both girls back into swimming lessons and have not looked back. Both girls have had a fantastic experience this year. We are happy to pay for the lessons as we know these skills can be lifesaving.

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Thanks again, and please pass on our gratitude to the staff. Regards, Donna and Linc While helping his Nanny clean the pool, my three year old son, Brody, lent over too far and fell into the pool — fully clothed. Brody immediately started treading water and managed to keep himself up until Nanny helped him out. Read More Without his weekly swimming lessons at Paul Sadler Swimland, the outcome may have been very different. I had taken Charlotte two years old and her sister, who also swims at Paul Sadler, to the local pool for a swim.

Charlotte decided to follow her sister into the big pool without any floatation devices on. I found her doing her safety circles and treading water in the big pool. It took a matter of about 15 to 20 seconds before I knew where she was, and I was able to get to her in time before she went under water.

Read More I truly believe that the techniques taught during her swimming lessons, keeping in mind that this is her first year of leaning to swim, kept her above water long enough for me to get to her.

This would have to be the best swim school I have ever come across. Thank you again for teaching us life saving techniques! Taylah started at Paul Sadler after having had a terrible experience with water. Due to that experience, Taylah developed a deep fear of putting her face into the water. During her very early lessons, Taylah would scream and cry, sometimes with tears running down her face the entire lesson.

Read More On several occasions we considered stopping her swimming lessons all together.