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A study of joseph conrads innovative literature

Heart of Darkness is basically based on his own experiences, but Conrad also adds fiction into this particular novel Dintenfass 1. Readers have curiously questioned the purpose of his novels such as Heart of Darkness, but the answer is quite simple. An additional novel with similar characteristics of the novel Heart of Darkness is Lord Jim. Not much is said about Lord Jim, but it has been known that Conrad most likely will place metaphors in his novel when describing a location extrinsic from any common place.

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The reason for adding metaphors is because Conrad attempts to locate the contrasted parts of human nature by lavishing it with an intensely fierce characteristic. As stated before, not much information is taken upon the novel Lord Jim, but this novel is mainly used to compare similarities with the novel Heart of Darkness, since they are much alike in a number of ways.

As for the novel The Secret Agent, it is basically based on an actual event in a bombing attempt against the Greenwich Observatory located at Greenwich, London. The novel seems to be a satire for a good portion, but the plot of the story turns dark when it involves the conspiracy against the anarchists Hamblin 3.

Overall, we realize that all three novels have a primary similarity; we find that they all include a portion of both fiction and reality. His organization of thoughts illustrate that you can discover an opinionated interest in the world others have not found to say without ever capturing or understanding it Dintenfass 7. The reason Conrad has stated this was because this is his own and only personal strong opinion towards the world that he includes in his novels. His literary form consists of three parts which includes the three-fold structure, Russian doll a study of joseph conrads innovative literature, and opposing images.

The three-fold structure is explained as how the book is divided into three chapters that contain three different characters, in which the narrator comes back to state a summary and the significance of each chapter. The Russian doll effect is to be understood as form within a form—a repetition of a story around a story—being similar to when unraveling one part of a story, there is still another part to be unraveled until you are down to the end of the story line.

Death is not a significant theme, but is needed to receive feedback from the expansion of the story line Hamblin 4. Psychological and sociological perspectives have also played a dominant part, which includes experiences in both dreams and truth, including his forms of expression in multiplicity, ambiguity, and irony. Psychologically, Conrad causes his characters to become lost in their own imagination during their dreams, usually to reveal heroism and lacking reality towards the feeling of heroism CESNP 1276.

In understanding the novel from this point of view, the reader has to solve the novel from its puzzling complexity to comprehend both the character and plot CESNP 1277. This simply means that if he grows away from reality, his thoughts become fulfilled with interest in creating a great novel from imagination. Conrad, in other words, experiments more on the psychological side of his novels rather than on the sociological side Dintenfass 6.

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  • The Russian doll effect is to be understood as form within a form—a repetition of a story around a story—being similar to when unraveling one part of a story, there is still another part to be unraveled until you are down to the end of the story line.

In addition to this, moral ethics takes a part to make this statement clear to readers in saying that both purpose and wrong is evil, and the moral is opposite from this. Multiplicity derives from his various use of expression that deals with his experiences in both dreams and truth. In relation to this, Conrad uses symbolism to display the value of expression in his works WLC 784.

Finally, irony is featured when he combines both truth and fiction. This is the reason why readers occasionally mistaken his novels as being described as a satire at times WLC 784.

Conrad structured his novels primarily from his style of techniques in which his organization of his thoughts, literary form, and themes have all played a dominant part. The most significant aspect featured in his novel that has overpowered his primary structure is his use in viewing both the psychological and sociological perspective of his work. Twentieth Century Literary Criticism. Stein, Rita, and Martin Tucker, eds.

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Frederick Ungar Publishing Co. With such an innovative style, Joseph Conrad was perhaps one of Britain. In conclusion, Joseph Conrad, succeeded as an innovative novelist. By Joseph Conrad 3rd ed. Joesph Conrad made irony a point in. Joesph Conrad incorporated Symbolism greatly into the. Joesph Conrad use of Symbolism in The.