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An overview of the basketball in the book hoop dreams by ben joravsky

Oct 27, 2014 Juan rated it it was amazing Title: William and Arthur, 17 years old They both live in Chicago and can both relate to each other.

Hoop Dreams

Both want to go far and be professional basketball players. Their paths start out in a similar way, as they both head off to St Josephs Prep, with a scholarship, a private school away from the streets and playgrounds of Chicago that both William and Arthur had become so accustomed to. However, as time passes, their journeys becom Title: However, as time passes, their journeys become very different.

William continues to thrive on the court and manages to work through his difficult schoolwork, while Arthur and his family get to the turning point where Arthur can no longer be a part of the prestigious school of St. The conflict William and Arthur both go through is the fact that they can't afford their college. William is studying and working for the better life he deserves and Arthur's family couldn't afford to pay the money and he left. He has the same dream and continues to push and pursue his success in basketball although he is not in a good school.

These are just 2 troubled city kids in the streets trying to improve life for themselves and their families. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that has the same dream of becoming a professional basketball player. I loved this book because I could relate to it very much. This is an inspiring book that tells the lives of two boys making it to the top.

  • I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that has the same dream of becoming a professional basketball player;
  • For nearly five years arthur agee's and william gates' remarkable lives were chronicled by a team of filmmakers roughly 250 hours of film were devoted to their journeys from the playgrounds to high school competition to college recruitment and -- whittled down to three hours -- it became the award-winning film hoop dreams.

This book is also about diversity and where you come from comparing yourself to other communities. To view it, click here. Hoop dreams is a biography about two kids from the streets of Chicago, Arthur Agee and William Gates.

These two kids are from poor neighborhoods who have a high crime rate. Also both are very talented a basketball. They get recruited to a high school thats in a nicer part of Chicago and is a much better academic and athletic school. The book goes through their journeys as kids and players. After there high school career they both go on to play division 1 basketball at major schools.

My favorite part in the book is when there in the state championship and Arthur hits the game winning shot. I recommend this book to people who enjoy sport documentaries or biographies. I give this book 5 stars. They have to travel 90 minutes each way and the book is about the kids avoiding all the obstacles of there lives on and off the court. It is a non fiction, coming of age novel.

  • To view it, click here;
  • Book called hoop dreams by ben joravsky overview the book is narrated by ben joravsky and is had was a basketball the book is called hoop dreams.

Arthur Agee and William Gates are two basketball players, and they are the main characters. Both of them are invited to a private school after being recruited after playing in different parks. Arthur gets kicked out and both players go on their rough, separate journeys through high school.

This teaches what these two players had to fight for. In my opinion, I thought it was a great book. I am interested in basketball, so there was already some appeal. I really enjoyed how they told the story, and how interesting it was. It did a great job of telling both their stories, and giving each time.