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An overview of the different kinds of ferrets in animal kingdom

Other reasons for yellow fur in ferrets The ferret's ancestor There are reputable scientific theories that claim modern day ferrets are descendants of the steppe polecat or mustela eversmanni. This ancient species populates the steppes and desert areas of Eastern European countries, the republics of the former Soviet Union, Southern China and Mongolia. You'll see that this animal lives in grassy and pre-desert environments, providing a backdrop of straw-like or sandy tones.

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As such, having a yellowy coat proves to be an advantage for both attacking their prey and hiding from their common enemies eaglesdoing so by hiding in the grassy foliage of the steppe or cowering between the bushes and sand of the drier climates. Both of these predators have black spots sitting on a base of yellow, producing the "pixelated" effect of the predator.

This allows them to get much closer to their prey undetected, allowing them to appear out of nowhere and take them down. Wild ferrets have yellow fur with a shiny black tip. The yellow in ferret's fur This rule from the previous section can also be applied to ferrets, although perhaps more from a self-defense perspective than one of attack, since their specialized hunting technique is to infiltrate rabbit burrows and hunt from within.

When hunting in the narrow darkness of rabbit tunnels and burrows, the predator will have more success if they are quick, possess a finely-tuned sense of smell and vision and have a set of claws and sharp teeth. When looking at it from an attack perspective, this allows them to move through the herbaceous foliage and creep up to the small rodents, whose burrows are too small for the ferret to penetrate.

Ferret Facts

Yellow as defensive camouflage The ferret's main predators are eagles and eagle owls. The fact that they have yellow, black-tipped fur means that they are excellently camouflaged against the dry grass of the prairie or steppe. However, both raptors have exceptional vision, allowing them to successfully launch many attacks on unsuspecting ferrets. However, it gives them excellent camouflage from wolves, coyotes, lynxes and pumas, which are other species that hunt ferrets.

The colour of household ferrets Ferrets that are bought from pet shops come from breeding centres.

Facts About Ferrets

For generations, these animals have been crossed to achieve a wide range of colors, sizes and different characteristics. You can now find everything from albino ferrets to black ferrets, passing through a broad palette of colors. They all go through a molt, or changing of fur, at particular times of year. Ferrets also change color during their first weeks of life and can also get silver fur during their aging process, especially when it comes to sable and silver ferrets.

The main ones are: