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Being a good teacher and what educational career taught me

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  1. But the most passionate and effective teachers do not choose teaching, teaching chooses them. I see it in the community we create here.
  2. They often criticise them to their parents for being too demanding and only realise later the opportunity they have squandered.
  3. Interestingly, children know who the best teachers are, even if they try and avoid them in favour of the more popular variety who may make their lives easy.
  4. This is important for teachers, because it drives us to keep working as hard as we can for our students. Once you start looking for your successes, you see them more and more.

Would a career in teaching and education suit me? Sign in to save to your save How do you know if a career in teaching and education will be right for you? What kind of person makes a successful teacher?

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If you want to teach at secondary level, you need to be passionate and enthusiastic about your subject. In England, you need to pass skills tests in numeracy and literacy before you take up a teacher training place. Genuine desire to bring out the best in other people. You need to be motivated to help children learn and fulfil their potential. Resilience, energy, stamina and a willingness to shoulder responsibility. Teaching is both intellectually and emotionally demanding.

Also, if you are motivated to succeed, teaching can be a profoundly satisfying profession, as you can have a huge positive impact on the lives of individual children and the community around the school.

Would a career in teaching and education suit me?

Flexibility and a willingness to adapt and get to grips with new developments. The teaching profession is subject to regular change, such as revisions to the national curriculum or the introduction of new qualifications or types of school.

  1. I was assigned to an urban middle school that was very different from any of my personal schooling experience.
  2. Disappearing into the twilight and not making yourself available to your students can lead to student retention problems.
  3. I look back at outstanding teachers from my own teaching career and remember, in particular, one woman, whose ability with children was legendary. Students will expect a laugh from their favorite teacher, and you will of course, oblige.
  4. Often timers, teachers spend more waking hours with a child than that child does with their own parent.

What kind of person might not be happy in a teaching career? You might also think twice about teaching if you want a job that fits within strictly defined working hours.

Meet Great Teachers

Teachers tend to spend time in the evenings, at weekends and during the holidays doing administrative work and preparing for the hours they spend in the classroom. Do you think you can meet the requirements? Consider whether you want to go to university.

However, you could opt for a degree in education or take a degree that includes teacher training. Our advice on what to study at university if you want to be a teacher will help you choose the right subject for you. Is a career working with children right for you? The best way to explore this is to gain some relevant experience, either on a voluntary basis or as paid work.

Why Being a Student Made Me a Better Teacher

For example, have you coached younger children at an after-school club or worked as a babysitter? If you want to be a teacher you need to look out for this kind of opportunity to find out whether you enjoy looking after children, whether at university, during a gap year, at work or in your spare time. Do you want to be a teacher, or are there other jobs that would suit you?

  • But in that moment, it was all about their hard work and accomplishment;
  • They may be unorthodox, idiosyncratic, employing a variety of approaches to get children to want to learn and to question what they are being taught;
  • The best investment any government can make is to get the most effective, the most talented, the best teachers they can in front of the children;
  • The best teachers are always wanting to do and find out more about their own craft, pushing out the boundaries of their learning and teaching, which is why many exceptional teaches re-work or even discard their teaching notes on a regular basis and look for new topics, and ways, to teach;
  • In England, you need to pass skills tests in numeracy and literacy before you take up a teacher training place;
  • Passion and Humor The greatest teachers will also have passion and a strong sense of humor.

You could consider looking for another type of role in education, such as becoming a teaching assistant or providing administrative support in a school. Our advice on jobs and employers in teaching and education sets out some of the options. You could also consider working in related fields such as care or public service.