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Book report life you imagine derek jeter

  • In the locker room everyone was celebrating as Derek Jeter was trying to get to the exit so he could find his parents;
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May 04, 2018 Caden Bernardo rated it really liked it I thought this book was good. It explained how Derek Jeter really followed his dreams and started his passion at a young age. I think the main character strength that stood out to me was Purpose. Derek did everything in his life with a purpose, so he could one day accomplish his biggest goals.

By working hard with purpose, he was able to be a star player in the MLB.

Book Report On "The Life You Imagine" By Derek Jeter

Jan 24, 2012 Sean Gardocki rated it really liked it How far would you go to achieve excellence? How hard would you push yourself so that you are standing alone on top hovering over everyone knowing you earned your way here with all the hours you put into completing this goal. Derek Jeter was just an ordinary boy who dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player one day like most kids would. Derek was always a good baseball player his whole life.

Always practicing to achie How far would you go to achieve excellence?

Book Report on “The Life You Imagine” By Derek Jeter Essay Sample

Always practicing to achieve his goal and become a dominant baseball player. As he got older he got better and better because of all the long hours of hard work he put into this game.

Jack Curry who wrote this book really captured what Jeter was trying to say throughout his life. I think that he really summed up the message Derek Jeter is trying to show people in this book very well.

The Life You Imagine

In my eyes Derek Jeter is one of the most influential athletes to look upon as your role model, on and off the field. This book showed many themes in it.

The Life You Imagine: Life Lessons for Achieving Your Dreams

Some of these themes were hatred,joy,loss,respect,honesty,determination,regret, and most of all love. Loss, Derek had some tough times in his life whether it was from leaving his family to go play baseball or from the passing of his very close, respected, and most of all loved grandfather. But Derek fought through the loss because he knew what his grandfather wanted him to do and that was to accomplish his dreams. Love is the one thing that kept him moving through his career in baseball.

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He loved four things in his life and that was God, family, friends, and baseball. These are what kept him from quitting or giving up hope.

Book Report on “The Life You Imagine” By Derek Jeter Essay Sample

All the practice that he put in would not go to waste. His loved ones were with him everyday pushing him to the limit so that one day they can say that he accomplished what other people doubted and that was to play baseball for the Yankees. This is all significant to our day in age because everyone its trying to complete there goals whether its getting good grades, a good job, being a good person, or whatever it is the point is that you have to give it your all and have no regrets and hopefully be happy with the outcome.