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Effects of cell phone addiction in academic performance

Pew Research center, It does so by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. The ancient types of Mobile phones support limited services and examples were shown in Fig. Such as, calling, sending messages and very few for taking pictures. However, the modern phones support very wide range variety of other services apart from making and receive calls and examples were shown in Fig.

Olanrewaju Field Work 2 Mobile phone is one of the most rapidly growing new technologies in the world Rebello, Incell phone users were less than a billion worldwide with the majority of the users from the developed countries. By the end ofhowever, mobile phone users had reached five billion worldwide with subscriptions from developing countries outnumbering that of the developed countries Kelly, ; Rebello, Obviously, this increase includes a sharp increase in the number of cell phones used by the younger generations.

This area of interest was chosen because of the unregulated usage and over dependent attitude on these devices especially among our secondary school students. Olanrewaju Field Work 4 However, in recent years, different types of mobile phones have been produced by different phone manufacturers. We have different variety of mobile phones as named by their manufacturers, they include, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sagem, Sendo, Siemens,T-mobile, Thuraya, Vodafone, Sony ericsson, Bluebird, alcatel, Blackberry, and so on.

Some are android enabled; examples are, HTC, Tecno, and so on which are basically the latest of all kinds of mobile phones widely used by both young and old, especially among students Olanrewaju, This study therefore, attempts to find out the impact of mobile phones use among students in both private and public schools on their academic performance. Also, to check whether or not there will be significant difference in the performance of students using mobile phones in Public and Private Schools.

This study therefore, seeks to effects of cell phone addiction in academic performance the impact of mobile phones on student performance in secondary Schools. There is no significant difference in the academic performance of students using mobile phones in Public and Private Schools.

It would expose the students to the implications of spending too much time on their mobile phones. Also, can serve as precautionary measures towards achieving good academic result for students.

The effect of something on another thing. Anything that can be carried from one place to another. Electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds. Meaning and Concept of Mobile Phone ii. Review of Related Literature. In addition, modern phones also support wide range variety of other services such as text messaging, MMS, e-mail, internet access, short range wireless communications Infrared, Bluetoothbusiness applications, gaming and photography.

Pew Research center, 7 Fig. The Modern Types of Mobile Phones. Olanrewaju Field Work The use of technology is a global imperative due to its contributions to human existence and has enhanced the socio economic relations globally. Thus, increased popularity of cell and smart phones in 8 recent years has attracted research attention. Cell phones are seen as a mixed blessing.

Teens say phones make their lives safer and more convenient. Yet they also cite new tensions connected to cell phone use Pew Research Center, As cell phones have become more available, they are increasingly effects of cell phone addiction in academic performance and used by teens. Further, as handsets become more loaded with capabilities ranging from video recording and sharing, to music playing and internet access, teens and young adults have an ever-increasing repertoire of use.

Indeed, we are moving into an era when mobile devices are not just for talking and texting, but can also access the internet and all it has to offer Pew Research Center, Many researchers conducted detailed studies about the factors contributing student performance at different study levels. Lot of studies have been conducted in the area of students achievement and these studies identify and analyze the number of factors that affect the academic performance of the student at school, college and even at university level.

The utility of these studies lies in the need to undertake corrective measures that improve the academic performance of graduate students. It is generally assumed that the students who showed better or higher performance in the starting classes of their studies also performed better in future academic years at degree level. Everyone can be surprised with this assumption if it could be proved scientifically.

From the last two decades it has been noticed significantly that there is great addition in research literature and review material relating to indicators of academic achievement with much emphasis on this dialogue, whether traditional achievement measures of academic performance are best determinants of future academic gain at university or higher level or innovative measures. However, it is also observed that many of the researchers are not agree with this view point or statement.

Reddy and Talcott looks disagree with these assumptions that future academic gains are resolute by preceding performance. In their research on the relationship between previous academic performance and subsequent achievement at university level, they found that students learning or studying at graduate level and the score secured did not predict any academic achievement at university level.

They also cited Pearson and Johnson who observed that on the whole grade association of only 0. It is important to note that even these studies do not agree with the former studies who explored that previous achievement affect the future performance of the students in studies, they confirmed that the admission scores are related to academic performance at university level but to a very minimal extent. So the students belonging from higher social economical backgrounds will perform better than other students associated with low social economic backgrounds.

Among many research studies conducted on academic achievement, it is not very surprising to observe that Socio- economic status is one of the main elements studied while predicting academic performance.

Considine and Zappala also having the same views as Graetzin their study on the influence of social and economic disadvantage in the academic performance of school students noticed, where the parents or guardians have social, educational and economical advantage definitely strengthen the higher level success in future. But it is also noted that these parents make available sufficient psychological and emotional shore up to their children by providing good educational and learning environment that produce confidence and the improvement of skills needed for success.

On other hand Pedrosa et. They named this phenomena educational elasticity. It is obvious and true that the criteria for categorizing socio-economic standard in different countries are different depending of their norms and values.

The criteria for low socio-economic status for developed country will be different from the criteria of developing nations and same will be in the case of developing and under developing 11 countries.

It is also assumed that children learning outcome and educational performance are strongly affected by the standard and type of educational institution in which students get their education. Considine and Zappala quoted Sparkles showed that schools environment and teachers expectations from their students also have strong influence on student performance.

Most of the teachers working in poor schools or schools having run short of basic facilities often have low performance expectations from their students and when students know that their teachers have low performance expectations from them, hence it leads to poor performance by the students.

Kwesiga approved that performance of the students is also influenced by the school in which they studied but he also said that number of facilities a school offers usually determine the quality of the school, which in turn affect the performance and accomplishment of its students.

Sentamu argue that schools influence educational process in content organization, teacher and teaching learning and in the end evaluation of effects of cell phone addiction in academic performance all.

All these educationists and researchers agreed 12 with this principle that schools put strong effect on academic performance and educational attainment of students. Students from elite schools are expected to perform good because they attend these elite schools and the main reason behind is that these schools are usually very rich in resources and facilities. Some researchers have the view that school ownership and the funds available in schools do indeed influenced the performance of the student.

Crosne and Elder noticed that school ownership, provision of facilities and availability of resources in school is an important structural component of the school.

Private schools due to the better funding, small sizes, serious ownership, motivated faculty and access to resources such as computers perform better than public schools. These additional funding resources and facilities found in private schools enhance academic performance and educational attainment of their students. It is also very pleasing that students from Govt schools colleges and universities in Punjab Pakistan are providing the laptops by the Punjab Government, so that the students could interact with the whole world and know about the latest developments and innovations.

The addictive nature of cell phones has concerned psychologists for years. Recently, psychologists have warned that phone users are especially at risk of becoming addicted to their devices.

In a recent study by Wargo,the subjects checked their phones 34 times a day. People may check their phones out of habit or compulsion, but habitually checking can be a way to avoid interacting with people. Some people can experience withdrawal symptoms typically associated with substance abuse, such as anxiety, insomnia, and depression, when they are without their phones and all these are embedded to the course of academic relapse of students who fall into this category.

Surprisingly, these addictions take strong toll on the student 13 without them noticing it and some of them find it hard to believe that they are addicted to their phones.

Thus, giving more credence to the amount of time meted out to these phones than academics. In order to address effects of cell phone addiction in academic performance of the issues attached to cell phones researchers chose different area of interest and teasing them out. Theory on adolescent egocentrism, pointed out heightened self-consciousness during adolescence. The theory adolescent egocentrism stated that it is a stage of self-absorption where the world is seen only from one's own perspective.

Thus adolescents are highly critical of authority figures, unwilling to accept criticism, and quick to find fault with others. Adolescent egocentrism helps explain why teens often think they are the focus of everyone attention.

Also, adolescence is a time of considerable physical and psychological growth and change, which falls in line with the study of the student in the secondary Schools being examined, on cell phone usage and acquisition among other.

Most students like to keep track ahead of their peers or to have an ontological balance in their peer group which they find themselves.

At the expense of their notions, they try to live the life which is expected of them in the social settings which they find themselves instead of the ideal life; thereby pushing them to the limit. It was observed that most of the students using the Internet enabled phones get to pay some bills at the end of the month, which is however paid with the little monthly allowance money given to them by their sponsors or parent for upkeep in school and their studies.

These ostentatious mode of using and disposing of mobile phones especially, the internet enabled phones at will, in order to be abreast of current trends may inhibits the student from focusing on their academics and allowing them to do better in their studies which is their primary target as students in the secondary schools.

Their academic performance is a fulcrum for 14 their future roles and the roles that will be vested upon them by their predecessors as the new generations.

In an attempt to discuss about the issue of this topic on mobile phones and its impact on students performance, personal observations has been seen among student using the phones for visiting social platform, such as the Facebook, Twitter, 2go, Myspace and instant messengers yahoo messengers, msn messengers and blackberry pinging instant messengers especially the internet enabled ones, during academic periods and off academic periods indicating that the internet phones have a strong effect on the students.

Also, British scientists noted that more and more people are getting addicted to their cell phones, causing stress and irritability BBC, Some other studies reported that the presence of cell phones provide a higher sense of security in 15 potentially harmful situations. This has contributed to an increase in cell phone value, leading cell phone users to perceive cell phones as a must-have tool Nasar, Hecht, and Wener, ; Walsh et al.

The use of Mobile Phones has also been addressed with other focuses, such as enhancing Academic performance in Distance Education. Jean-Marie, Viljoen and Carl, On Semen Analysis in men attending infertility Clinic: During the study, their objective was to investigate the effect of cell phone use on various markers of semen quality, and in their conclusion stated that "Use of cell phones decrease the semen quality in men by decreasing the sperm count, motility, viability, and normal morphology.

The decrease in sperm parameters was dependent on the duration of daily exposure to cell phones and independent of the initial semen quality" Costly Cell Phones: During the study, "Findings indicated that cell phone rings during a video presentation impaired academic performance" Ashok, End, Worthman, Mathews, and Katharina, However, this study therefore seeks, to find out the impact of the use of effects of cell phone addiction in academic performance phones on students performance.

Taking students of secondary schools as case study at both private and public secondary schools. The retrieval of the information gotten from this study was done with structured questionnaires administered to students to obtain their personal opinions, while 15 in-depth interviews were conducted to have a grounded knowledge opinions of the students simultaneously with the data gathered during the course of this study.

However, Two Hundred students in the two Schools as samples. The questionnaires were designed in 3 sections.