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Inaccuracy and prejudice in what is great about america by dinesh dsouza


He quickly established himself as an astute and intelligent spokesman for conservative politics in his adopted homeland. What many may criticise as nit-picking are actually very important areas which make the quality of life in developed nations such as America such an attraction for immigrants such as himself: Since that book he has been accused of racism towards African-Americans because he described the pathology in black culture which was in many ways the antithesis and inversion of the American Dream, notably glorification of crime and the politics of envy and dependence.

End of Racism was dangerously close to using eugenic arguments to bolster ideas of black inferiority.

  • But he never produces any evidence that disbelief in God was particularly essential to their cruelty;
  • He claimed he just wanted to make sure they weren't using university funding for "gay parties, gay orgies, or whatever.

Yet at the same time the book ends with an emptiness, a need for a spirituality to fill what has become a hollow vacuum. No surprise then that his next book does just that. This offering is actually quite a disappointment after reading his 2003 and 1995 publications. Even if one did not agree with the aforementioned books they at least tackled the stagnant corrosive atmosphere of multiculturalism and political correctness which has all but stifled free debate. Yet he explained that these pathologies are actually found in wider American society and are not inherently black.

Accusations of racism fell flat here especially with BBC Panorama programme exposing the riots in Manchester and Salford were perpetrated by predominantly whites from overwhelmingly deprived white working-class areas. That only makes the disillusion in reading that book that much more depressing. To say that societies are becoming more religious does not prove religion is any more correct than secularism.

Nor does it prove anything on that score to argue that reproductive demographics of the religious outweigh those who have no faith. He espouses that ideas of morality and laws governing the universe came into force from Christianity. Yet modern scientific developments actually happened in spite of Christianity not because of it.

He plays down both the persecution of Galileo and the crimes committed by the Inquisition. But then as Bertrand Russell wrote what is communism other than a Christian heresy; and he had the dubious fortune of witnessing the Bolsheviks first hand after which a declining post-1918 Britain looked like paradise in comparison. In 2007 he wrote Closing of the Conservative Mind in which he said that American conservatives should try and understand Islamic radicals and how angry they were at the moral degeneracy spread in their own lands.

On 7 December 2008 he spoke at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco where he fulminated inaccuracy and prejudice in what is great about america by dinesh dsouza the Hindu caste system, claiming that the Portuguese Catholics who converted his Brahman Hindu ancestors found the job very easy. Indeed Islam provided the same benefits. It was so easy that the Portuguese did not even need to use coercion.

It always existed in somewhat latent form. This support for oppression of blacks was nothing new to Rev.

What’s Not So Great About Hinduism According to Dinesh D’Souza

Falwell, who in 1958 delivered a sermon titled Segregation and Integration: Falwell and many other white Christian leaders endorsed segregation for blacks.

Now the current myth is that the rise of the Religious Right had its origins in the opposition to abortion. Falwell went as far in stating that the desegregation decision handed down by the landwark 1954 case of Brown v Board of Education demonstrated that the Supreme Court was not listening to god. While he is right to highlight the crimes of regimes such as the Nazis and Bolsheviks which claimed to be atheists, his downplaying of the crimes of Christianity especially that of the Inquisition is nothing short of academic dishonesty.

Historical records do not show that Hindus flocked to Christianity because the Portuguese in Goa proved how they treated everyone equal. Goa had been taken for Portugal by Afonso de Albuquerque for Portugal in 1510, and became the seat of the Portuguese viceroys in Asia twenty years later. Despite its cosmopolitan character, on 30 June 1540, an order was given to destroy all Hindu temples in Goaand in 1542 the property of those temples transferred to Christian religious orders.

In the first hundred years, the Inquisition burnt at stake 57 alive and 64 in effigy. Others sentenced to various punishments totalled 4,046, and the last auto da fe burning alive of the heretic was held in Goa as late as 7 February 1773.

The Inquisition was set as a tribunal, headed by a judge, sent to Goa from Portugalanswerable to no one except to Lisbon and handed down punishments as he saw fit. The palace where the Inquisition was conducted was known as the Big House and the proceedings were always conducted behind closed shutters and closed doors. According to the Indo-Portuguese historian Teotonio R.

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From 1684 even the local language of Konkani was banned. In the seventeenth century Robert Di Nobili disguised himself as a Brahman in order to hoodwink Hindus. Portugal was also the longest surviving European colonial power. The idea that India has become an economic power today because of the Christianity introduced by the Portuguese is as laughable as it is insulting.

Goa was known as a sleep backwater right up until 1962, when annexed by India. Portuguese colonies in Africa were the most oppressive on the continent. Millions of blacks in AngolaMozambique and Portuguese Guinea were enslaved under various systems of forced labour fully supported by the Catholic Church. Why is the Philippines, mostly Christian and staunchly Catholic since it was conquered by Spain in the sixteenth century, such a stagnant country whose main income is from exporting nursing staff, remittances from expatriates working under oppressive conditions in the Gulf states, and from sex tourism mostly underage boys and girls from desperately poor Filipino families?

That hardly helps his case. Modern anti-Semitism was a result of Christianity. Why did the Nazis single out Jews? They were hardly unique in this respect. Without the scriptural hatred of Jews as killers of Christ there would have been no anti-Semitism and no Holocaust.

If there was ever a system of uncompromising untouchability and caste this was it. Confined to ghettoes and excluded from many professions Jews were the pariahs of Christian Europe.

Dinesh D'Souza: the man rewriting America's history

This prejudice was as much inherited by the Christian offshoots of communism and Nazism as much as the new society which grew up in America, the latter having such delightful Christian activists as the Ku Klux Klan. It is simply not true that conversion to Christianity brought equality. Pagans such as the ancient Greeks and Romans did not have the universal hatred of the Jews which Christianity introduced in its theological war unto death, in which to love Christ was equated with hating Jews.

Church fathers including St. John Chrysostom, Ambrose, Jerome, and Augustine castigated the Jews as monstrous, evil, and spiritually blind. Even baptism was no solution. Justin the Martyr said that god gave Jews the Law of Moses because they were inherently sinful.

Jerome said that all Jews were Judas, innately evil having betrayed Jesus for financial gain. John Chrysostom said Jews were guilty of deicide for killing Christ. As such they had no chance of atonement for this heinous sin, citing Jeremiah 13: Augustine said Jewish evil was in parentibus from their parents and hence the stigma to them was attached forever as they had the mark of Cain.

The Catholic Church became actively involved in championing the idea that Jews were racially inferior. Spain passed estatutos de limpeiza de sangre statutes of blood purity by which Jewish ancestry was disqualified from holding office in the Church.

In 1547 the Archbishop of Toledo banned anyone with Jewish blood from receiving charitable assistance, a law which ratified by Pope Paul IV.

Inaccuracy and prejudice in what is great about america by dinesh dsouza

It was a model readily used by other organs of the Catholic Church in Spain and indeed civil administration where proof of no Jewish blood was required for holding high office in society.

Various monastic orders excluded people of Jewish descent who were in fact Christians, the conversos. Theologians said that Jewish traits persisted even after conversion to Christianity.

One had to prove Gentile blood going back at least five generations. Other Catholic orders had enacted similar measures. The parallels with later Nazi race laws are obvious, the main difference being that in defining who was a Jew, the Nazis were actually more liberal than these Catholic orders.

This explains why the Catholic Church was eager to help Nazi war criminals escape justice as they recognised kindred spirits. And it was not just the Catholics of course. Jews topped the list of enemies by Martin Luther. No surprise then how at the Nuremberg trials, Julius Streicher, editor of Der Sturmer, said that if he was being tried then so should Luther.

His Reformation endowed German Protestantism with an array of anti-Jewish myths and fantasies which the Nazis could later build upon. Our Lord Jesus Christ did not succeed in doing it. But I can stop up their mouths so that they will have to lie on the ground.

  1. Either the big bang was the product of supernatural creation, or it had a purely natural cause.
  2. The Virtue of Prosperity 2002.
  3. Most people know that this ended in the late 60s or early 70s after Lyndon Johnson 's civil rights reforms and Richard Nixon 's Southern strategy , but D'Sousa pretends not to understand that organisations like people can change.
  4. D'Souza notes that some atheist writers focus exclusively on the religious dimension of historical conflicts, and don't bother to assemble convincing evidence that religion is the cause as opposed to a marker of conflict.

Jews should not even look at the Christian Bible since they were so unclean and evil that they drank and ate the urine and excreta of Judas. Any Christian who treated the Jews humanely would be condemned to hellfire. For the Nazis, Martin Luther was an ideal to live up to. Indeed he claims no Muslim empire ever did anything like this. How then does he explain accounts of mass conversions and slave raiding which led to the extermination of Christianity in Central Asia, the Middle East and the Maghreb?

This continued into modern times with the genocide of Armenians and Assyrians by the Ottoman empire. Why did the Zaroastrians flee Iran to India? Is he aware of contemporary accounts which speak of the utter devastation left by Mahmud of Ghazni in northern India?

  • Concerning the teaching of evolution in schools, he says Evolution should be taught, but it should be taught without the metaphysics of Darwinism;
  • In 2007 he wrote Closing of the Conservative Mind in which he said that American conservatives should try and understand Islamic radicals and how angry they were at the moral degeneracy spread in their own lands;
  • What's so great about Christianity?
  • Dinesh d'souza 2,096,228 likes dinesh d'souza with young america's j trump going down in the history books as a great president if he;
  • He argued that the concept of a noumenon can only be used in a negative sense, to say what we do not know about it.

It was hundreds of years of devastation caused by the Mughal rulers in Indiawith forcible conversion of Hindus as integral as rapacious taxation, which allowed the British to annex the subcontinent so easily. These were accidental, although welcome, by-products, in India at least. After all what could he care for a mass of idol-worshipping heathens that were the innocent victims of such monsters of cruelty as Francis Xavier and Aurangzeb?

In this he betrays not only his evident intelligence but also the very American ideals he claimed have inspired him and which he has been defending. Perhaps if he understood the wider culture into which he was born he would not have started on this dishonest route. But that after all is what he is keen to escape in the apocalyptic, millenarian and eschatological dystopia which he sees all around him with the help of well-funded right-wing think-tanks and institutes, which are as keen to denigrate and destroy Hinduism as they are to prevent millions of decent, honest and hard-working Americans from having access to basic health care.