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Student objectives for writing a research paper

Take notes from a reading text 4.

Make an outline 5. Integrate data from library and the Internet material into the research paper 6. The assignments that students carry out during the term are gathered in this portfolio. These assignments are different for each level and the requirements are distributed by the class instructors at the end of each term.

Learning Objectives

The below are the definitions of the contents of the portfolio. While writing reactions, the students bear the following questions in mind: What have I learned? Can I use the information I have learned from the text in real life?

While summarizing a listening text, students use your notes in careful listening sessions.

Developing Learning and Content Objectives

These stages include pre-writing activities such as brainstorming, outlining or listing, first draft second draft, if necessary and final product. Students will carry out one 3-minute long oral presentation in your Listening class.

These assignments are carried out outside the class and involve some research and interaction with other people. The details are distributed by the class instructors.

At the end of the term, students choose best examples for each type of writing component, and hand in their portfolios to the instructor.

The grades are given according to the regular submission of the assignments, the effort put in keeping the portfolio tidy and timely and the improvement students show in writing throughout the term. The aim of this approach is to expose students to different point of views on a particular subject and familiarize them with the topical vocabulary in order to improve the content of their essays.

Starting from the first semester, Intermediate and Advanced level students practice how to summarize and paraphrase information in a reading text, which are very important skills in writing a research paper.

Advanced Level students are taken on library tours and provided with relevant handouts about how to write a Research Paper. This activity is optional for Intermediate students.