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The theme of love in the tenants of moonbloom by edward lewis wallant

His protagonists are Jewish-Americans immersed in anguish; his settings, harshly urban; his message, optimistic. See also Contemporary Authors, Vols.

Edward Lewis Wallant … can be considered "minor" only in terms of what he might have done had he lived beyond the age of thirty-six. I shall not be surprised if future critics award him a high place in our literature on the basis of the four novels he did complete; but in the meantime his inclusion in a volume devoted to minor figures is justified by the fact that he is almost unknown to the public.

  • About books, reading, the power of fiction, some music, some movies these are my opinions, my thoughts, my views there is much wisdom afloat in the world and i like finding it in books;
  • Wallant's characters do not know what to do with themselves away from the city;
  • Wallant's first novel [The Human Season] sets the stage for all the others;
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This is the battle cry of the romantics; it does not require much reflection to locate it in central position in such important contemporary works as Franny and Zooey, A New Life, Henderson the Rain King, and One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. To take the hand of one's neighbor may be an unsavoury task, and in any case will prove a difficult one, because all of the wisdom of the world is ranged against it.

Yet Wallant like other romantics insists that the effort be made; and the clash of that effort against that wisdom—sensibility against sense, if you will—resounds through his fiction.

Review | The Tenants of Moonbloom by Edward Lewis Wallant

Wallant sets up these confrontations with great skill. No contemporary novelist was more gifted in the sheer grace of constructing a novel…. In each [of his novels] there is a careful positioning of the central figure from the beginning in a fixed state symbolic of his life—in each case, an unsatisfactory life.

The characters then initiate or take part in certain symbolic acts which eventually result in freeing them for the kind of deep human relationship which their author demands for all men. The key word is separation. In each novel the hero is set apart, sometimes bound; more often fixed in unproductive orbit around a world of chained sufferers.

Wallant, Edward Lewis (Vol. 5)

He lived to write only four novels, but that was long enough to plummet the city to the absolute nadir of the human line. Whether the city is of middling size, like the New Haven of his first novel, The Human Season 1960or the vast New York sprawl of the last three, it bears the accumulated stigmata of the century: A necessary stage in his art as an urban landscapist is that he carry the idea of the anti-Periclean city to its logical end, to paint it as a reductio ad absurdum of horror and frustration.

The Athens that was friend to man is now the modern megalopolis that is his foe. But it is not Wallant's intention simply to state, even in its ultimate form, the verdict of the century.

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  • The Athens that was friend to man is now the modern megalopolis that is his foe.

It is indeed his peculiar distinction that he embraces that verdict imaginatively only to reverse it. The city is a nightmare but contains at some inscrutable source within itself the seeds of its own resurrection. Resurrection is a theological term. Rehabilitation is the sociological synonym, restoration the architectural, reawakening the emotional, revival the secularly human.

Wallant embraces this whole verbal and modal range. He believes uncannily in the regenerative powers of the city, and his novels bear intimate witness to the rebirth of his wounded characters inside the urban framework. This is made both possible and credible only because they and the cities they inhabit have, in a kind of spectacular symbiosis, reached bottom, the very bottom, at the same time.

Because Wallant catches this descent with mordant accuracy, the movement, or the first stirrings of the movement, upward are rendered psychologically convincing. It is part of his difficult creed that sentimentality be avoided at all cost, that he stay deliberately clear of la nostalgie de la boue, that he be as hard-eyed on the way up as on the way down.

It is my sustained impression that he succeeds. And in succeeding, he performs a miracle that is at once astonishing and unexpected: Wallant's first novel [The Human Season] sets the stage for all the others. Its protagonist is a fifty-nine-year-old plumber named Joe Berman who has just suffered a devastating injury, the death of his wife to whom he was profoundly attached.

Edward Lewis Wallant Wallant, Edward Lewis (Vol. 5) - Essay

He feels as though his nerves have been severed, as though his connections with the world have suddenly disappeared. The city in which he lives and works supplies his misery with an appropriate background. It is high summer, Wallant's favorite urban season, and utterly merciless.

Joe and his partner are pounding along in their truck: Even the wind of their passage was a warm breath of heated tar and pavement. The trolley tracks were fiery ribbons leading them to the shimmering distance.

The theme of love in the tenants of moonbloom by edward lewis wallant

The people they passed moved slowly, resigned to the harsh dream of summer"…. Wallant's characters do not know what to do with themselves away from the city. On ritual occasions they may find themselves in the country, where they act like displaced persons and return to their native habitat with a sense of obscure relief.

Again it is high summer: The sky stared down at all the stone and brick, a pale-blue monstrous eye"…. Metal burned to the touch, and there was a constant density to the air that made him feel he moved through an infinite number of transparent woolen curtains"….

Nor have the odors changed: Nor has the city's surrealist quality: All these urban effects have been deliberately intensified to suggest the pawnbroker's total despair. A concentration camp survivor, with a tattoo number on his arm, his wife molested and killed by the Nazis, the very bones in his body rearranged in medical experiments, he is physically alive and emotionally dead.

He simulates all the life acts—earns a living operating a Harlem pawnshop as a front for a powerful gangster, lives with his sister and supports her unappetizing family, makes love to another survivor of the Holocaust—but goes through these activities mechanically, without feeling anything.

Perversely, his disengagement from life makes him a power figure in the eyes of others….

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Even his customers, trailing their miseries into the shop, look upon his cold, remorseless detachment with awe. Berman had been badly injured, but not like this. With the pawnbroker, we descend to the absolute last rung of Wallant's Inferno. Only there could the following horrifying curse on man be issued: Maybe the earth will be lucky, maybe they will all be sterile"….

  • To say that this novel is an undiscovered gem is an understatement - Wallant is an author of little recognition, but his works are fantastic;
  • The trolley tracks were fiery ribbons leading them to the shimmering distance.

Only there can the pawnbroker boast somberly that he is free of racial prejudice: Black, white, yellow are all equally abominations'…". The younger, Angelo, appears in The Children at the Gate 1964a book that was composed third among the four novels, though published last. At nineteen, Angelo's mind—tough, clear, scientifically rational—exercises such a tyranny over his feelings that they can be said not to exist. In Wallant's final novel, the comic masterpiece The Tenants of Moonbloom 1963the city and its inhabitants become one, fusing in a joyous renaissance last heralded in the words of Pericles.

Norman Moonbloom, at thirty-three, is still waiting to be born. It is the year not of death and resurrection but of birth and resurrection.

And his virtuosity is uncommon.

Edward Lewis Wallant

He is as deft with offstage presences … as he is with figures onstage. Not to allow reality to enslave possibility, to keep both yoked in energetic fusion, suggests Wallant as our ultimate urban novelist.

He carries the landscape we inhabit as far as it can go in both directions—into the dark abyss of The Secret Agent and into the invigorating light of Pericles' sublime oration.

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