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What goes on a source card for a research paper

There is enough room above and below each source to label the required elements with students.


This way, students know what items to look for when documenting a source on a reference page. Reference Page Example Bryson, B. A short history of nearly everything. Plans and instructions for reproductions. The complete java study guide. A century of American JewishpPoetry pp.

How to Write a Source Card for an Internet Source

An Article in a Reference Book Mandarin. In The world book encyclopedia pp. A Multivolume Work Lebowitz, A. Hemingway in our time. The lord of the rings the two towers [Motion picture on DVD].

  • You are encouraged to use Electronic sources, but you can also use sources such as books, magazines, newspapers;
  • In Name of Encyclopedia online;
  • Web Page or Article When citing a Web page, include the author's name, title of the Web page or article, the date the page or article was accessed and the full URL to the source.

New Line Home Entertainment. Below is one example with an author and one without a listed author. Source Cards Overview A source card is where you write down exactly what source you used for your research.

Every time you take notes on your note cards, write down where you got the information from on a source card. Step 1 Write the number of the source used in the right hand corner. If it is the first source you used to take notes, then write 1 in the corner. Similarly, every note card you take from source 1 would also have a 1 in the corner. Step 2 Determine what type of source you are using and locate how to document it on the example works cited provided above.

Step 3 Look at the items required for the works cited. Locate each of the required items on your source and then write them on the source card. Pay close attention to the format.

  • It is helpful to paraphrase, or summarize, your research on the index cards while you are taking notes;
  • Step 2 Determine what type of source you are using and locate how to document it on the example works cited provided above;
  • Reference Page Example Bryson, B.

Record the items in the exact order they appear in the example works cited. Below is a source card for the following information on an APA works cited page: Jan Hoffman Website name: International New York Times Article title: January 29, You try… In the space below, convert the following website information into a source card for a works cited page using the APA format. If any information is not provided on the source, then skip it and go to the next required item for a works cited.

This is your second source and it is an online article by Mark E.