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Why the battle buddy system is important

Army promotes accountability, camaraderie through 'battle buddy' program

When Women Come Marching Home. This relationship is much deeper than each of those relationships because your life is in the hands of your battle buddy and theirs is in yours.

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If someone slacks, slips or does not pay attention, that can be not just one, but multiple lives. The trust between battles is unspoken and pure. This trust is earned through hours and hours of training, working together and simply being stuck with one another all of the time.

  • Whenever I was having a bad day I could always go to him and talk to him and some magical way it was all better;
  • When soldiers train in this new military, they refer to each other as battle buddies;
  • One purpose of the battle buddy system is for accountability; there are several aspects of accountability that are enhanced by the presence of a battle buddy;
  • First, if the soldier is alone, they will have no one to account for or witness their actions, but a battle buddy is an ally who can provide an alibi with a time and date location in order to account for the soldier;
  • The only "safe area" where the battle buddy rule is not in effect is the barracks where the soldiers sleep;
  • New recruits into the U.

It is an intricate dance of teamwork, knowledge and understanding few will ever truly understand. Combat is a team sport, where no one goes it alone. There is not always a way to help your battle buddy, but you always try find a way.

The Soldier

No matter the risk to your life, regardless of whether you will be in danger, it is your duty to help them. True battle buddies you will put their lives on the line for one another. You would die to save them, and when you cannot it haunts you forever. Even when you are discharged from the military and Uncle Sam seems to have forgotten you, your battle buddies are still there.

  • IET soldiers are formed into two-person teams upon arrival at the training unit;
  • Because the system is used everywhere, a soldier must be accompanied by a battle buddy even to talk about personal issues with a chaplain.

After leaving the military, many veterans try to find some sense of normalcy. But nothing can change what has happened to you. You have changed, and you will never be the same person again. Your battle buddies know that, and they are still there -- usually just a phone call, email or Facebook chat away -- no matter what.

Battle Buddy Essay

You do not have to physically serve with someone for them to be your battle. Regardless of rank, branch or specialty, a servicemember is always a servicemember. We are all on the same team and we all have the camaraderie of knowing what it is like to put our lives on hold and fight for our country. Every time a battle buddy dies, a piece of us dies.

  1. My solution to this problem would be having the battle buddy system to be allowed butt not required.
  2. This is an example of a very bad scenario, none the less, a possible and realistic one.
  3. It works by having every soldier accompanied by another one soldier of the same sex or another two soldiers of the opposite sex wherever they are.

I will always miss and honor those that were killed and injured while I was deployed in Afghanistan. Every day I wake up with the pain of knowing that I cannot change what happened and the guilt that I made it home and they did not. They are my battle buddies and now my angels that look out for me from above. I know I will always have an angel or two watching my back just as they did while they were alive.

  • Each soldier may prevent the other from becoming a casualty;
  • You will be responsible for how your battle buddy looks, acts, performs, etc;
  • Race, ethnicity, and age are superficialities that will not matter when completing a mission;
  • Every day I wake up with the pain of knowing that I cannot change what happened and the guilt that I made it home and they did not;
  • In AIT this system becomes more important due to the additional freedom and privileges after basic training;
  • While we work the road we ride with partners.