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A comparison of the values of molieres tartuffe and president bush

August 16, 2017 at 11: Retired at middle age, he turns to religion in order to feel something, anything—in order to have some sense of purpose or significance in his life. Most of this is irrelevant to the average supporter of Trump although, hang onexcept for this: Moliere was satirizing upper-middle-class despair as much as he was religious hypocrisy. This, it strikes me, is not irrelevant to the average supporter of Trump.

I'm not, to be clear, suggesting that we pity or sympathize with the Trump supporters—as you say, they've crossed over into essentially genocidal thinking. I'm thinking especially of those suburban Trump voters—you know, the ones who are the ACTUAL Trump supporters—not the bullshit stereotype of the trailer-park Oxy-head, but the ones who live good, pensioned lives in the relatively affluent areas of their states. The ones who 'got theirs,' and, having retired, don't have anything to do with themselves.

So they listen to Fox News. Which, like Tartuffe, sells them a terrible lie that they embrace completely because if they had to stop listening to it, they'd be faced with just how fucking EMPTY their lives are. Seriously, American suburbia is a stunningly sterile world—it's the cultural equivalent of—pun intended—white noise—initially soothing, quickly maddening.

Trump wouldn't be where he is without a populace already primed by the other Tartuffes—Murdoch, Ailes Burn In Helland the Talk Radio brigade—to believe a lie that gives meaning to otherwise desperate lives. Because you don't chase fear and anger—as those who embrace Trump and the Fox worldview do—unless the alternative is even worse: Monte Davis August 16, 2017 at 11: Yes, the EC outcome turned on a couple of hundred thousand votes and possibly on suppressed non-votes in a handful of swing states.

Bush as Bad Theatre

There's really no justification any more for the idea of Trump's "base" — the archetypal raving Fox News shut-in or 4chan lulzster — as distinct from that perfectly nice Bennigan's manager next door. Republicans have been playing this wink and nod game since Nixon started using the Southern Strategy to win elections in the 1960s. They've just become too stupid to cover their tracks anymore. The game is up. It's just a matter of how they reposition themselves as a party.

Martine August 16, 2017 at 11: We need to start confronting silent duplicity wherever we find it. Andrew Laurence August 16, 2017 at 11: Washington was a slave owner. These were not moral men. Obama was willing to throw his own pastor of 20 years under the bus, a week after promising not to, in order to get a taste of that sweet, sweet white power. Still, Trump is the first president to openly support the genocidal variety of white supremacy, so he still wins the "shittiest president and most godawful excuse for a human being since Hitler, Mao and Stalin" award.

If he EVER leaves office for any reason other than natural death, they will roam the streets murdering black and brown people and Jews until the bodies are piled like firewood in the streets. At this point I'm hoping that someone in the Secret Service remembers what happened to Indira Gandhi, but Americans tend to forget history. Kevin August 16, 2017 at 11: This is the mistake everyone made when they assumed Trump could not possibly win.

Don't presume that Trump's affinity for racist, fascist, dictator-loving morons will turn people in Alabama and Mississippi, among other places, against him. What you see as a bug they see as a desirable feature. Don't presume that Republican politicians are going to join together to do anything about this. The clock is against it; it's going to be hard enough enacting any of the legislation they want before they get tied up in 2018 electoral politics.

If they impeach Trump or try to 25th Amendment him somehow, there's absolutely no chance they'll get anything done. At this point they're starting to worry about saving their asses in 2018, and anything they do to him makes it harder for them to avoid getting swamped then.

Finally, one thing I have learned in nearly sixty years on the planet is that people hate admitting they are wrong worse than just about anything else, and will go to great lengths to avoid admitting that what is right in front of their nose actually exists.

The country is full of Orgons insisting that there is no such thing as climate change, that millions of people voted illegally, that Trump is not a racist, that the protesters in Charlottesville are not haters, they are just trying to preserve their heritage, and that the antifa counter-protesters are just as bad as the people a comparison of the values of molieres tartuffe and president bush the Confederate battle flags and swastikas.

This is not over, not by a long shot.