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A description of my experience in a failing education

The strings that hold you together are loosening. Your breathing speeds up. Every sense heightened, your entire body shakes. Pins and needles are running marathons up and down your limbs.

How the education system is making kids stressed and sick

Everything is too close. And then you shut down. Those articles and books exist, and they express those topics better than I ever could. Nobody is listening to the teachers who say it, so perhaps someone will listen to me. When I was younger and I loved to play grown-ups, I dreamed of being 16 — of going to bed when I wanted and having my own money to spend on fairy wings it hit me hard when I realised that nobody dressed up as princess fairies when they got older.

I never dreamed I would be like this. It was a shock when I got to secondary school and learned the implications of the marking scheme: Instead I had to memorise facts and statistics.

That was when I realised that my future would be based on a set of criteria created by exam boards — and that was when I started having panic attacks.

I am 16 and the education system is destroying my health

The terror brought on by the idea of failing left me unable to sit practically all of my GCSE mock exams. Our education system is flawed. Success is measured by how well you remember the criteria on a given day.

  1. It might mean measuring non-cognitive skills, like character, ethics, or social responsibility.
  2. Therefore, I hope to be able to help make a difference in these children life so that their dream may come true as other children in the world.
  3. It might mean measuring non-cognitive skills, like character, ethics, or social responsibility.
  4. There's a lesson in there for everyone.

The most important achievement a person should aim for is being comfortable in their skin, safe in the knowledge they can live their life and define success on their own terms. The introduction of one final exam in place of multiple modules means students will now only have one chance.

My Educational Experiences and Future Plans

One set of answers will mark the difference between success and failure. Our education system is creating a generation of broken young adults, wound up by a key in the back and dropped once they are deemed unfit.

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