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A discussion on architecture of corbusier and team 10

Catherine Blain was curator of the exhibition and editor of the accompanying publication on the Atelier de Montrouge.

  • All roads must be integrated into a system, but the backbone of the system must be motorways in the built-up areas themselves, where their very size in relationship to other development makes them capable of doing the visual and symbolic unifying job at the same time as their actually make the whole thing work;
  • At the same time, this was the moment when Van Eyck and the Smithsons became embroiled in a dispute which damaged their formerly close relationship beyond repair;
  • Conference papers made available now For the occasion of the Paris edition of the Team 10 exhibition the conference papers of our Delft conferences have been made available online;
  • Team 10 at the office boat of Erskine, Drottningholm, Sweden,

An interview with Simon Smithson about the fate of his parents' project is also available online. English Heritage will report to the minister Maragaret Hodge within two weeks on the possibility of listing the building.

The minister has already shown she is utterly prejudiced about Modern Architecture.


Her comments display sheer ignorance and disrespect of recent history. The ironical part is of course that it might be a Labour minister who will get rid of another key project of the Welfare State. Conference papers made available now For the occasion of the Paris edition of the Team 10 exhibition the conference papers of our Delft conferences have been made available online.

For downloads check our studies and papers page. Re-print of Team 10 book available now The first edition of the Team 10 book 'Team 10 - In Search of a Utopia of the Present' sold out in a surprisingly short time.

TU Delft and NAi publishers made a re-print possible. For more information check the website of NAi Publishers.

  1. Other participants and their contributions are of course also represented, particularly since it is so hard to delimitate the group as such.
  2. In this part of the book, there is a statement of principle that greatly explains the approach of Team 10 on dwelling.
  3. Another, more practical reason concerns the archives; although the main sources were generously made available for our investigation, others still await the work needed to make them accessible for study.

According to the press release the exhibition marks the beginning of further research on Shadrach Woods' career. The exhibition is curated by Brad Walters and Elsa Lam. For more information check the MFA website.

To order the page publication, please contact: For older news items click here. The Team 10 website This website is dedicated to Team 10 and the research of the history of the group. Team 10 at the office boat of Erskine, Drottningholm, Sweden, They are discussing the dummy of the Team 10 Primer as compiled, copied and distributed by Alison Smithson.

From left to right: From the mids until well into the s, the debate on Modern Architecture and the city received a new impulse from a group of young European architects under the banner of Team They met within the CIAM organization - the famous platform for modern architects dominated by Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius and Sigfried Giedion - but they soon abandoned it to hold their own meetings.

At these Team 10 meetings the issues of modernization, the welfare state and consumer society, as well as the role of the architect, were the subject of heated debate.

  • Since then, utopian ideas or belief in necessary progress have been likely to be received with scepticism if not outright rejection;
  • As such this everydayness was not regarded as something idyllic or innocent;
  • Changing Ideals in Architecture;
  • This turn in the architectural discourse implied the veiling of the close interaction between everyday practice and moral questions, and the choices that always have to be made in this respect;
  • They also shared a profound distrust of the bureaucratic set-up of the old CIAM organization which they refused to continue.

The various built and unbuilt projects by Team 10 members served as a vehicle for these highly influential and inspiring exchanges. The site is divided into three main sections: TEAM 10 - information on the history of Team 10, its meetings, members, projects and texts. Most of the information presented here, was also developed for the book.

RESEARCH - information on the archives of members of Team 10, research and studies on Team 10 and related topics and a survey of past and future seminars, symposia, expert meetings. It is the aim of the editors to enhance further research into Team 10 and post-war Modern Architecture. It is our wish that the website will work as a conduit for future exchange; therefore this website will be permanently 'under construction'. We invite colleagues and visitors to the website to make comments and suggestions for improvement; also we would like to publish more research, studies and papers on Team 10, and architects and topics related to the Team 10 history.

A discussion on architecture of corbusier and team 10

For this, and other questions as well, one can contact Dirk van den Heuvel by e-mail. It was published in Team 10 Primer with the following caption: A constellation with different values of different parts in an immensely complicated web crossing and recrossing.

Although never officially decided or announced, from then onward Team 10 is adopted as the name of the group of active younger members. There is no official spelling of the group's name: Team 10 and Team X are used throughout; Team Ten is mostly used by French historians writing about the group.

We have chosen to use Team 10 following the most important publications on and by the group as edited by Alison Smithson.