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A guide to achieving a reliable internet connection

Why We Chose It Convenient scheduling Mediacom has one of the most efficient installation programs out there.

VPN connection: how does it work? Why do I need one?

Most other providers require you to block out a two-hour window. Variety of Plans Mediacom services 14 different states, primarily in the Midwest.

The Best Internet Service Provider

Though it may not service as many states as some other providers, it still offers a wide variety of plans that will keep customers happy, with speeds that range from 60 Mbps to 1 Gbps or 1,000 Mbps.

However, you might notice some slowdown when sharing large files. If you purchase the 100 Mbps plan, for example, your data allowance is 1000 GB a month. Doing this will also give you insight into available internet speeds, pricing, and promotions, which can also vary by location.

When choosing a plan, consider how many people live in your house and how regularly they use the internet — and what they use it for.

Start Your Own ISP

Explore Current Offers Many internet service providers offer limited-time deals to pique customer interest. This could be anything from a money-saving offer on select bundles to a gift card or waived equipment charges. Taxes, equipment rental fees, and installation fees can increase what you pay monthly.

Additionally, promotional pricing often expires after a given term usually the end of your original contractso make sure to check what the regular price will be — and whether it fits into your budget.

Fiber-optic internet utilizes pulses of light to transmit data up to 1,000 times fasterand over longer distances, than the copper wire used for DSL and cable connections.

Types of Internet Connections

Fiber offers enough speed and bandwidth to do just about anything online, from streaming HD movies to playing massive multiplayer online games. Since building out new fiber-optic lines is expensive, availability is often limited to major cities and their surrounding areas.

  • For instance, if you work with large files, such as videos or photos, and frequently upload large amounts of these files, then you may need a service that offers a faster-than-usual upload speed;
  • You may notice some of these issues because of slow internet speeds;
  • Websites with heavy traffic;
  • Dial-up Internet Access Also called dial-up access , an analog Internet connection is both economical and slow;
  • Understanding your internet speed is just one step in troubleshooting your slow internet;
  • The address should read as a series of numbers separated by periods, such as 192.

What is Cable Internet? One of the most common ways to get online, cable internet uses an established infrastructure of copper wires to deliver relatively fast speeds to homes across the country. Cable is a great alternative to fiber and lets you video chat, game and browse with little to no slowdown. Unlike fiber, however, speeds can vary based on available bandwidth and might slow during peak use periods.

  • Moreover, most, if not all, free VPNs place a monthly cap on network bandwidth, meaning that you can download only a limited amount of data;
  • DSL is also widely available, covering about 90 percent of the United States, but often has lower speeds;
  • By far, VPN is the most effective tool for securing online activities.

Upload speeds for cable internet are also usually lower than download speeds. This could contribute to delays when playing online games or uploading large files.