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All you need to know about the mystery of a kiss

Reddit This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. Sixty years ago this summer, Elvis Presley and a young woman were captured on film kissing in a Richmond hallway.

For decades, Barbara Gray, the woman in the picture, went unidentified, but now she is reflecting on kissing The King. Barbara's brush with Elvis Presley began with a dare.

  1. Friendly, chaste, no passion for the kiss itself, and as soon as he steps away yet another kisses me before I can respond. Cody Thomas A fun little bondage ficclet that has Yugi all tied up and blindfolded.
  2. It was like I knew him all my life," said Barbara.
  3. Barbara says Elvis in her mind will forever be 21.
  4. Studies show that kissing is erotically more important to women than to men.

Elvis had just performed in South Carolina before 4,000 screaming fans. Barbara Gray "I didn't really know him or know what he was about," said Barbara. A curious Elvis invited Barbara to his next concert in Virginia. Two days later the pair would meet at the diner in the Hotel Jefferson.

It was like I was numb. Al Wertheimer From her home in South Carolina, the 80-year-old remembers seeing the sultry singer for the first time at The Hotel Jefferson in Richmond.

He was absolutely gorgeous," said Barbara. Barbara said the King moved in to canoodle.

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A series of legendary images show young lovers locked in an embrace. I just laughed at it. In the photo called "The Kiss" Elvis touches tongues with the shapely 20 year-old known then as Bobbi Owens. Critics call it one of the most iconic and erotic photographs in American history. Barbara would fade into obscurity.

‘I Kissed the King’ Mystery woman reflects on famous Elvis photo taken in Richmond

In a 2011 interview, the late-photographer described how he nearly missed The Kiss. And I say to myself, 'Hmmm. Following the concert Elvis wanted Barbara to stay with him. Presley would invite Barbara to join him in New York City. Since Elvis' death in 1977 the grainy kiss frozen in black and white has tantalized legions of fans. And nobody knew who that was," said Barbara.

She wanted to kiss and tell, but said photographer Al Wertheimer rebuffed her claims. Nobody realized that I was 4'11''," said Barbara. Al Wertheimer "In terms of popular cultural history it is a landmark photograph," he said. That is something we can be proud of.

Throughout the decades Barbara could not escape the smooch. It is very popular all over the world," she said. It is not just lunch boxes.

  • It just looked like you had something on your mind;
  • One reason the sex literature largely ignores kissing is that it often occurs in nonsexual contexts with non-erotic meanings, among them;
  • What Our Lips Tell Us;
  • Evolution has hard-wired us to respond to certain things;
  • Things didn't go as planned;
  • He was absolutely gorgeous," said Barbara.

The happily married real estate manager just yearned for recognition as the mystery woman in the photo with Elvis. Eventually Al Wertheimer and Barbara became friends. The photographer even shared some images. I still feel young," Barbara says.

Barbara reflected on her intimate moment with Elvis with a tinge of regret. Barbara says Elvis in her mind will forever be 21. He is in heaven," she said. Barbara Gray It all started Sixty years ago, when the 20-year-old accepted a dare.

It was like I knew him all my life," said Barbara. She said she enjoys meeting fellow Elvis fans and signing autographs of the famous photo of her kissing Elvis Presley. If you would like to contact her about obtaining an autographed photo you can reach Barbara Gray at Bobbisgray yahoo.