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An experiment report the observation of the brassica butterfly

Give an additional example of each of the following types of relationship: What type of relationship do you think the brassica butterfly and brassica plants have? How will you determine what type of relationship the two organisms have?

By observing the brassica butterflies and plants. What type of relationship do brassica butterfly eggs and brassica plants have?

The eggs and plants have a commensalism relationship because the plant provides shelter for the eggs but it is not being harmed. Draw a butterfly egg. Label any parts that you can and explain their function.

  • Although the larval instars have not been fully studied, different instars are easily differentiated simply by comparing sizes, especially the head alone;
  • Below Caterpillar Questions 1;
  • What type of relationship do you think the brassica butterfly and brassica plants have?
  • Summarize observations - what is known?;;;
  • If time allows alter the experiment to test a new question that arose from your initial observations;
  • Its underwings are yellowish with black speckles.

Below Caterpillar Questions 1. What type of relationship do the caterpillars and brassica plants have? The caterpillars and brassica plants have a parasitic relationship. The caterpillars eat the plants but death does not occur to the plants.

Label its structures and explain their function. How is this stage of the life cycle different from the previous one?

Brassica, Butterflies and Caterpillars

How has the change affected the relationship between the brassica butterfly and the brassica plants? This stage is different because the eggs weren't moving and performing actions like the caterpillars. The relationship has changed because the eggs didn't eat yet but the caterpillars need to eat the plants to survive.

We were given seeds to plant.

We planted them and watered them. There were 14 seeds in all and we ended up with 10 individual plants. We were given 5 butterfly eggs.

You can see signs of herbivory in this relationship because there are little holes where the caterpillar has eaten. We have also started growing our fast-plants.