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An introduction to ulnar collateral ligament injury to the elbow

Biomechanics of a less invasive procedure for reconstruction of the ulnar collateral ligament of the elbow. Am J Sports Med. Orthop Clin North Am.

  • This is called a false-negative result;
  • Clin Biomech Bristol, Avon;
  • While less than half of baseball players can return to competition with conservative management of these types of injuries, four out of five gymnasts were able to return to competition with nonoperative management.

Elbow injuries in the throwing athlete. Difficult diagnoses and surgical complications. Kinetics of baseball pitching with implications about injury mechanisms.

Association of maximum pitch velocity and elbow injury in professional baseball pitchers.

Elbow ulnar collateral ligament injuries in athletes: Can we improve our outcomes?

A Retrospective Study From 2007 to 2014. Orthop J Sports Med. Ulnar collateral ligament injury in the overhead athlete: Stress radiography of the medial elbow ligaments. Preoperative evaluation of the ulnar collateral ligament by magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography arthrography. Evaluation in 25 baseball players with surgical confirmation.

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  • As a result, the modified Jobe technique was subsequently described by Smith et al[ 22 ], who introduced a flexor-pronator muscle-splitting approach that obviated the need for an obligatory ulnar nerve transposition and avoided tenotomizing the flexor-pronator origin;
  • The UCL complex comprises three ligaments;
  • Ulnar collateral ligament injury in the overhead athlete:

Hariri S, Safran MR. Ulnar collateral ligament injury in the overhead athlete. Treatment of partial ulnar collateral ligament tears in the elbow with platelet-rich plasma.

  • One gymnast opted to have reconstruction after a successful competition season;
  • With many of these surgical techniques, there is concern over the size of the bone tunnels and the effect on graft tensioning and the potential for bone bridge compromise;
  • Specific strengthening exercises to help the athlete prepare for his or her particular sport begin around four months post-op;
  • Open in a separate window Case 1 A 19-year-old female with no previous history of elbow pain presented for evaluation after performing a bail an example of a bail Video S1 on the uneven bars during practice and sustaining a valgus load to the right elbow;
  • If the joint is gapping enough to sublux partially dislocate , valgus stress radiographs may be taken.

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Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injury

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