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Compare contrast the jilting of granny weatherall

Both stories have a simple plot with a theme that is symbolic of their lives.

These stories include great characterization, description of elements in the stories, and the point of view. Granny Weatherall is characterized as a very old lady who is extremely stubborn and bedridden.

Granny Weatherall is a sickly old lady in denial. She believes that she is not sick although she is lying on her deathbed.

Her life consisted of two men and her children with them. Granny Weatherall remembers her first love, John, leaving her at the altar. She later marries George who she has many children, one of which, passes away at a very young age named Hapsy. She reminisces Hapsy very often throughout the story.

A Comparison Of The Main Protagonists In “A Rose for Emily” And “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall”

Granny Weatherall was a hard worker. Phoenix, on the other hand, was a selfish manipulative old woman who had an obsession with power. She was on a journey through the woods to the city, where she had many encounters. When Phoenix encounters the hunter she steals the money that falls out of his pockets.

The Jilting of Granny Weatherall and Worn Path: Compare and Contrast

She always seems to want something for her troubles. However, later in the story while in the hospital, Phoenix has a totally different personality.

She seems to have no guilt for the actions she makes. The elements of both stories include a simple plot with a them that is symbolic of their lives. The memories of Granny Weatherall are all symbolic of her life flashing before her eyes or death.

The journey on the worn path, of Phoenix is symbolic of her life and how hard it has been. The point of view of the stories are very different; however, the two stories are similar in that they both are first person narratives. Granny Weatherall is having flashbacks, which represent her past life leading to a new infinite one.