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Compare different research methodologies for health and social care

P3 Unit 22 compare different research methodologies for health and social care

Compare different research methodological analysiss for wellness and societal attention. In this assignment I will be comparing the different types of research methodological analysiss for wellness and societal attention.

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Interviews are normally taken for people when they are looking for occupations or looking topographic points in college and universities. There are many advantages of interviews. However there are besides many failings such as. Another failing is that there could be a linguistic communication barrier between the two people. Questionnaires are set a set of inquiries given to an person to either happen out their likes and disfavors or to happen out some informations.

Tell us what you need to have done now! On the other manus. Participant observation is a type of research method which is used to transport out research or happen out informations of a certain subjectThe advantage of this research methodological analysis is that they will acquire accurate informations as they are a portion of the group they are analyzing so they witness it firsthand.

Unit 22 P3: Compare the difference research methodologies from health and social care

Non participants is another research methodological analysis used. This method includes the perceiver non being portion of the group and merely watching from a far distance.

Compare Different Research Methodologies for Health and Social Care Essay

The advantage of this method is that the perceiver may acquire some good informations as they are detecting closely. Books are in formation written down by people. They can be written down as cognition or existent life narratives. Besides you will widen you knowledge by reading. Another failings form acquiring information books is that it is besides quite clip devouring looking for the replies and information when reading a book.


This method is another manner to acquire informations from. Web sites are besides really good because they can happen you dependable information about any subject you want to derive cognition from.

  1. Due to this, the response level will be low because some people might not be bothered to fill it out.
  2. Compare different research methodology used.
  3. Second, the weaknesses such studies usually taken for people might not even give the group and some data, also the discussions so they could use for your research methodology is also they are not participating, also be difficult to get good information that there are not be written down by reading.

However a disadvantage for web sites is that they could incorporate false information. Another advantage is that there are broad scopes of information you could utilize for your research and informations which could assist you with research.