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Debate on modern living has made the people weak unhealthy and deasease prone

Modern living has made people weak, unhealthy and disease prone Posted Date: Modern lifestyle has adversely affected the health of people.

The modern gadgets, cars,computers etc. Earlier, people used to walk short distances but now they prefer cars and bikes over walking. I submit that cars and bikes give us a comfortable journey, but at the same time we are barred from the physical exercise that walking would provide us. Children have become tech savvy. They spend all their time on the modern evil gadgets and prefer to stay confined to the four walls of their house rather than playing outside.

Modern living has made the people of india weak,unhealthy and disease-prone

This lack of exercise leads to various health problems out of which obesity is the most common one. To add fuel to the fire, generation next has switched to fast-food rather than the nutritious food available at home. This fast food, copied from the west, hampers the health of children as well as adults. Hardly does anyone realize that by eating fast food, he is putting his feet in grave.

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I agree that fast food is necessary for a change, but it's excess is obnoxious. And in the present scenario, in every nook and corner we can see people eating fast food in excess. Inadequate nutritious food makes our immune system weak.

As a result, people are becoming weak and more prone to diseases. There has been an incredible rise in the number of people falling ill. All these problems are the result of modern lifestyle. Prevention is better than cure.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to bring a change in the lifestyle of people. Emphasis should be on health rather than comfort.

Modern living has made people weak, unhealthy and disease prone

People should be made aware about the health risks that are posed by the comfort and the lifestyle they prefer. Last but not the least, i would like to conclude by saying that what can done be undone.

  1. Modern living has made people weak, unhealthy and disease prone...
  2. This implies to our daily habits also. But this makes u obese and also mentally sick as scientifically it is proved that brain automatically relaxes...
  3. The results can be seen in hospitals. Exposure to them causes dizziness, nervous disorders, skin reaction and lung disease.

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