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Distribution channel in coca cola beverages private limited

Abdul Monem Ltd and Pran Group bottle the products 4. Coca Cola plans to start their operations in Dhaka and Rajshahi regions in the following six months to regain its market share that they have lost to other competitors due to the absence of Coca Cola drinks in Bangladesh since 2008. Their goal is to bring their most popular drinks; coke, sprite, and fanta back into the regions of Bangladesh.

Distributors In Bangladesh there are two franchisees conducting operation on behalf of Coca-Cola Company. Basically distributes product in 4 region Rajshahi, Khulna,Chittagong, and Shylet. Marketing strategy Coca cola company building on fundamental strengths in marketing and innovation, driving increased efficiency and effectiveness in interactions with system and generating new energy through core brands that focus on health and wellness.

Coca Cola Company poised to capture the opportunity in so many ways. Here are just a few: And every day company explores new ways to create and their sales while continues to plan for the next one, five and ten years in business.

Share beverages to energize, relax, hydrate and enjoy. Targeting strategies of Coca-cola They make different values to capture this portion of market by marketing targeting. However, they do not fiercely advertise like Pepsi does.

They offer Coca Cola in those places where students and young people gather mostly.

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Their market segment profiles have shown that the majority of carbonated beverage drinkers of Bangladesh are youth and middle age people. Same as the Pepsi Coca Cola also targets the Bangladeshi schools, colleges, universities, restaurants, hotels and fast food stores. For this reason, they always spend huge amounts of money to compete with Pepsi in acquiring contracts with universities to have sold representation of their product distribution. Coca cola also made diet coke for those who are suffering from sugar problems.

Product life cycle Coca-Cola is currently going through the maturity stage.

This maturity stage lasts longer than all other stages. Management has to pay special attention to products during this stage of the product life-cycle. However, this does not mean the organization has fallen prey to regurgitation of dated product ideas or stagnation in its ability to develop.

Most significantly, Coca Cola focuses on consistently reinforcing its core product benefits of taste and refreshment to ensure the brand is continuously achieving new peaks. This can be evidenced by their market research conducted in the 1970s, which conclusively prioritized diet and health as a growing need for customers.

Coca Cola envisioned that this consumer preference would eventually transform into a necessity. As a result, the organization capitalized on market research and launched Diet Coke.

Potential strategies In this strategy coca-cola company implement their plan. If coca-cola company are not implement their first plan they are looking another plan to achieve their goals. This strategy ensures that company must set their proper marketing plan. A proverb goes that a good plan is half done. Potential strategy is very important for company. Five core capabilities Figure.

Core strategy Segmentation of Coca Cola: Coca Cola segments its market in a number of ways. Age is one of the most significant parts of the segmentation of Coca Cola. Coca Cola introduces Coca Cola diet for the people who are suffering from diabetic and for those who are likely to avoid sugar and for the aged people specially 40 plus.

Coca Cola mainly produces the Coca cola and the main customer of Coca cola is young people whose age is 10 to 35.

Coca cola also segment the market on the income basis by making little pack. They have an awesome price rang to all class of people. They introduce different price of containers with different size for the people whose income is different.

They think about student, poor people, and middle class people economic condition for their pricing. Coca Cola mainly serves 500ml, 1L, 1. Family size basis is also a base segmentation for Coca Cola. In Coca-cola society, by their marketing targeting, we have families with different family size. So Coca Cola makes a variation in their served bottle size into many ways such as 500ml, 1L, 1.

People can easily choose a suitable pack based on their family size.

1. Tapas Mondal

Bangladeshi people like to eating, Coca-cola can combine with restaurants, fast food shops and so on. Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian etc. Geographic we are focusing on Bangladesh market. Coca-Cola advertises the products at bus stops, on the roads, MRT stations.

  1. Allocate monthly marketing budgets DME and trade marketing budgets MER to the sales managers to help them achieve sales targets, track and review expenditure and provide exceptional approvals.
  2. Segment Basically Coca-cola Company focusing young people in Bangladeshi prospective.
  3. Here are just a few. Their market segment profiles have shown that the majority of carbonated beverage drinkers of Bangladesh are youth and middle age people.

Segment Basically Coca-cola Company focusing young people in Bangladeshi prospective. Coca cola company increased annual marketing budget substantially, launched many new products, and developed a model to help Coca-cola retail customers maximize their sales while continue to plan for the next one, five and ten years in business. How could they occupy? Doing more advertisement to attract people and remind them that Coca-cola will be the best choice for beverage. Besides, Coca-cola can invite some celebrities to endorse for their quality, design, package, etc.

Everyday Coca-Cola supplies the products to wholesalers, retailers, convenience stores, super market or they can put vending machines in everywhere like Bus Stop, Shopping centre and so on. Moreover, they can associate with some fast food shops.

They can provide free drinks to customers to taste: Sometimes Coca-cola has the promotion like discount 5 taka per bottle or they associate with other brands to promote together. They can focus on special days to advertise like Day, Eid day drinks Coca-cola and use Coca-Cola like a gift to offer everybody.

This marketing mix is listed below: Product Coca-cola selected product is Coca-Cola have different sizes. They have now bottle as well pet bottle. Coca-Cola also has 600 and 1000 ml pet bottles. In addition, they also have 1. It has also 250ml of can Coca-Cola.