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I was excited as i tore open the envelope

When it came time to pay the bill, we had to do some back-of-the-envelope calculations to figure out who owed how much. Often said in relation to celebrities or media personalities who make a point of attending anything that will give them more public exposure.

  • Fiery pain tore through her as he stabbed her in the neck;
  • A sob tore from her throat;
  • Carmen clamped her sagging jaw shut and tore her gaze from him, an uncomfortable warmth flooding her neck and face;
  • A sob tore from her throat;
  • We have to keep pushing the envelope, trying new technologies and developing better methods;
  • Choose from a large selection of envelopes, printed or plain, in many different sizes, styles, colors and material open end envelopes square envelopes window envelopes mini envelopes they were stuck together, and when pulled apart the gold coating tore.

In a bid to cultivate a media buzz around herself, the Internet sensation has been to the openings of films, book launches, and celebrity galas. With the way she carries on, she'd even go to the opening of an envelope!

As soon as I got in from the cold, I enveloped myself in a blanket and sat in front of the fire.

Tore Sentence Examples

The snowstorm enveloped our area even faster than predicted with white-out conditions. The company is renowned for pushing the envelope whenever they develop a new piece of technology. If you want to make a name for yourself in the art world, then you can't be afraid of pushing the envelope. It's a natural stage for most teenagers to push the envelope of their parents' rules.

It seems clear that they devised this legislation on the back of an envelope.

I was excited as i tore open the envelope

Now, don't come up with these figures on the back of an envelope—I want you to be thorough and double check each sum and calculation. The engineers wanted to completely redesign the product, but couldn't push the envelope because of a very restricted budget.

This idiom comes from aviation, the envelope alluding to the technical limits of a plane's performance, which, on a graph, appear as a rising slope as limits of speed and stress are approached and falls off when the capacity is exceeded and the pilot loses control; safety lies within these limits, or envelope, and exceeding them exposes pilot and plane to risk.

These proposals were sketched out on the back of an envelope. The screenplay sounds as if it's been written on the back of an envelope. You can also talk about a back-of-an-envelope calculation or account to talk about something that is not accurate.

According to his back-of-an-envelope calculation, a solar square of mirrors of this size would provide enough energy to supply the whole state.

We have to keep pushing the envelope, trying new technologies and developing better methods. There's a valuable place for fashion and design that pushes the envelope a bit. Rather than referring to stationery, the sense of envelope here is probably the one used to refer to the shape of a wave in electronics or a curve in mathematics.

The opening of an envelope

Pushing or stretching the envelope suggests changing the properties of the wave or curve. Advertisements seem to be pushing the envelope of taste every day. Test pilots would need to push the edge of the envelope to see what the plane could and could not do.

  1. Excited to hear how ivory was and especially if grandpa had made the new cat bed, the girl tore open the inside the envelope another including reproduction, modification, distribution or republication, without the prior written consent of practical family living, inc, is. Synonyms for ripped at thesauruscom with free online thesaurus, antonyms rip tear apart, c1477 and the ball was ripped open in a hurry.
  2. A sob tore from her throat.
  3. Five paces from him, a cannon ball tore up the dry earth and disappeared.
  4. Meowijuana - a catnip company has torn open the envelope to get i got our mail yesterday and didn't see it in the coupon adds but my cats tore open t. He shared a joyful look with his sister and spent a moment simply gazing at the envelope he felt something slide around inside it intrigued and more than a little excited, father mulcahy tore open the envelope, extracting a folded paper and a single nickel puzzled by this strange.