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Importance of moral values in human life

Philosophers who have studied moral development have stated that individuals before adulthood, base their behaviors on the norms and values of those around them, and later on in life, they move to a more principled stage, where they identify and attempt to live by personal moral values. However, available data suggest that medical students who should be in this transition stage, show little change in their moral development.

Why values are important

This could be possibly related to the academic pressures the students face as they struggle to accommodate personal values related to empathy, care, and compassion to their clinical training. The moral development of medical students should be given primary importance, yet data available states that the transition from student to doctor is difficult for many. Evidence suggests that their moral development may be stunted or even experience a downslide.

Students embrace as their moral principles, issues such as openness, sensitivity to their patients, as well as trustworthiness and willingness to take responsibility of the patients.

Moral and human values in medical education

The moral development of medical students includes educating them on ethical behaviors also. Ethical behavior integrates moral sensitivity, moral commitment, and moral behavior with moral reasoning. Role modeling plays an important part in teaching students, ethical behavior, conforming to professional standards. Medical students identify positively with faculty who are sincere and enthusiastic and whose clinical skills and teaching abilities are judged to be good.

Information Technology and Moral Values

The educational process should create opportunities where the students can learn the moral values from the faculty and from each other. It is essential that we, as teachers must provide honest but nonjudgmental feedback to our students whose attitudes and behavior may be at times suboptimal. Faculty development programs need to give sufficient emphasis to moral education.

We need to understand the relevance of an integrated approach that incorporates the values of compassion and caring into our students in their approach to the patients.

Dr Subhash Chandra talks about the importance of moral values in a human's life

Good clinical practice cannot be separated from correct professional and ethical behavior. Current clinical training which focuses only on the biomedical aspects also needs to incorporate lessons on moral and human values. It is heartening to note that several Indian Medical Universities have started incorporating the subjects of moral values and ethics into the curriculum.

Our statutory bodies must also take steps to include it in our dental syllabus for the U. As teachers, we are obliged to ensure that our students are supported in their effort to maintain good moral values which will help to mold them as responsible doctors of tomorrow.

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