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Joan holtz case accounting text and cases chapter 5

Joan holtz d case 8 3

Any questions regarding grading, points, etc. When an essay response is required, communication skills will be a part of the grade determination. When quantitative analyses is required, all calculations must be shown for full credit to be assigned. There will be no "make-up" examinations and thus, when an absence from an examination is excused, in advance, by the instructor, the final examination will be substituted for the exam grade missed.

Given the above grading method, it is inappropriate to consider personal or professional constraints that preclude performing at satisfactory levels, impact of the grade in this course on overall GPA, eligibility for graduation, loss of scholarships, loss of United States resident card, placement on academic probation, etc.

Case 8 3 joan holtz

It is also inappropriate to request alternative ways to improve a course grade. Class Participation is encouraged to assist in the development of your communication skills and to enhance the learning of everyone in the class. Regular class attendance is necessary, but not sufficient, for high quality class participation.

Joan holtz case accounting text and cases chapter 5

Absences, late arrivals and early departures adversely affect your class participation score. In addition to regular class attendance, high quality class participation entails frequent positive contributions voluntarily or when called upon to class discussion.

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Positive contributions may take the form of answers, questions, and observations that reflect serious preparation for class. Verbalization reflecting little or no preparation for class may adversely affect your class participation Teams are encouraged for purposes of preparing for class discussions.

Joan holtz case accounting text and cases chapter 5

Small groups may be formed to present concepts, issues, solutions and analyses on a daily basis and for special projects. Grades will not be provided over the phone or by e-mail due to the need to protect your privacy. If you wish to receive your final exam score and course grade by mail, please provide a self-addressed and stamped envelope. Attendance is a requirement of this course, absences in excess of three may result in being dropped from the course.

Please refer to the GSU Graduate Bulletin for a discussion of withdrawal and hardship status policies and procedures. GROUP PROJECT The purposes of the group project are to allow the opportunity for students to 1 utilize the concepts learned in the course in the analysis of a "real company," and 2 demonstrate creativity in analysis, oral presentation and in organizing a written report.

Groups are formed by the students with the approval of the professor by the third class meeting. Each group will propose three companies to the Professor who will select the one to be the focus of the group project. This should occur by the 5th class period.

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  3. The exercises and cases utilize critical thinking skills and teamwork to help the points come through in chapter 5 selection the case study at the end of every chapter is a good way to make sure students have learned.

For each group a date should be set for the presentation keeping in mind that there should be only two, or at most three, presentation s per class period. The project requires an in-depth examination of a publicly traded company selected by the group and approved by the professor.

The choice of company is important. Some issues to consider: Gain access to the company's Annual Report and Form 10K either in hard copy or electronically.

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I prefer that you acquire hard copies by contacting the "shareholder" or "public" relations department of the company chosen and that you acquire copies for attachment to the written report.

In applying the concepts from Chapter 13, determine appropriate sources of "benchmarks. Evaluate the firm's strategic plans or evidences of those strategies as related to their accomplishments and as related to the benchmarks you choose. This will require some historical analysis and reading about what management is saying about their plans.

Joan holtz case accounting text and cases chapter 5

Forecast future performance of the firm for at least two years. Prepare a well organized and written report not to exceed 10 pages excluding tables, figures, references and appendices. The report will be a single report for the group. Each member of the group should submit, separately, a peer evaluation of each team member the Professor will provide more information later.

The written report will be given to the Professor one class period before your presentation in class. Prepare and "interesting" innovative, creative, inspiring, entertaining, etc.

The class will include text materials, supplemental readings, discussion questions, problems, case studies, videotapes, limited lecture and class participation and discussion. Preparation for class will normally include printed materials and non-printed materials including the use of internet resources. Readings and homework are found in the textbook.