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Summer creative writing programs for college students

This course offers an in-depth look into a diverse array of genres and writing forms.

Summer Programs & Courses

Students will be exposed to fiction long-form, short stories, flash fictionnon-fiction essays, memoirpoetry, and screenwriting. Each week is stylized based on the passions of the individual students, with a strong overall emphasis on the craft of writing and bringing pen to paper as much as possible. With a wide mix of exercises from an experienced and certified teacher, this course challenges students to think actively and create stories of their own.

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The two most important elements of the class is to help writers find their own voice while cementing a solid foundation of writing craft.

While prior experience in creative writing is by no means required, students are welcome to bring any ideas or projects they may have been working on into class.

In the past, the Workshop has featured fiction students and classes geared more towards science-fiction, horror, fantasy, romance, Young Adult, drama, and historical fiction. This class encourages students to draw out their strengths through a combination of different styles, backgrounds, and interests. The Workshop takes a look at various forms of fiction prose, from one-to-two-sentence flash fiction to the overall structure of a novel.

Craft elements such as story structure, character, dialogue, setting, writing style, and conflict all come together to help young novelists and short story writers get the best out of their prose.

Authors who have been examined in previous fiction classes have included: High school and University-level creative writing courses have been moving closer in focus toward non-fiction.

Writer’s Workshop

This Workshop is well-suited for those students who want to get a head-start on freshman composition courses. Through the lens of their own personal experience, this Workshop challenges students to analyze the world around them. Non-fiction writing is crucial to college applications, a process that many students of the Workshop will go through in the near future.

The course includes an examination of the two major categories of non-fiction essay writing: Both of these can be used by students to best present themselves to acceptance boards at colleges and universities across the country. Authors who have been examined in previous non-fiction classes have included: Scott Russell Sanders, E. Students will be exposed to traditional narrative poetry, cultural poetry such as haiku, sonnets, Slam poetry, songwriting, and prose poetry.

This allows many students to reach beyond their comfort zone by following rhyme schemes, line schemes, and structural rules that expedite the creative process. Screenwriting has fast become the most popular form of writing in young adults who are lovers of film and television.

Creative Writing Programs for High School Students

Similar to poetry, the specific requirements, formatting, and structure of screenwriting forces students to think creatively to best craft their stories.

Using the same craft elements as seen in fiction and non-fiction prose, screenwriting allows students to incorporate their love of film into their writing. Poets previously examined have included: Screenwriters previously examined have included: Both trips gave me a lot of inspiration to write something creative and kind of crazy but fun.

I got a lot of writing done this week i can use later on in my writing career. I loved how Seth taught the class, everything he said made sense to me and i took every word to heart. July 8th - 14th, 2018 Session 2: July 15th - 21st, 2018 Session 3: July 22nd - 28th, 2018 Session 4: July 29th - August 4th, 2018.