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What dr martin luther king jr taught us

About Judi This is being published on the observance of Dr. I have a poster of Dr.

5 Lessons from MLK on Living, Leading, & Communicating

King in my home office and as I sat down trying to come up with a topic to post for the week, I looked up at him, as I often do. I started to think that surely I am supposed to learn something or feel something other than sadness at his tragic death.

As I reflected on his life and legacy, I started to realize that even though I am not a religious person, there are many lessons that I have learned about being a better person, being who you are, and knowing what you believe in.

  • Perhaps the most significant lesson you can learn from Dr;
  • Many Americans alive today remember an era in which segregation was legal, yet many children being raised in today's America, led by an President who is African American, have difficulty understanding the concept of segregation, as to them it seems not only immoral, but downright ridiculous;
  • Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly;
  • While his life was cut tragically short, he died in pursuit of his dream and in spite of everything he faced, he never gave up on it;
  • By adjusting to the latest development, always maintaining dignity and composure, and reacting in a way that would contribute rather than detract, he navigated over near insurmountable obstacles on the road to freedom.

Here are some of the things he has taught me. Even in times of darkness, violence and ugliness, he believed in and practiced civil discourse. He spoke articulately yet strongly, but he was still always civil.

  • But what do we do to remember this great person?
  • Peace and non-violence is always better;
  • And, in most cases, the people whom we think succeeded without much effort actually worked quite hard to accomplish their achievements;
  • One day our society must come to see this.

Peace and non-violence is always better. He wrote reams about it, spoke about it, and lived it, even in the face of hostility, aggression, and the ugly violence that ultimately took his life. I cannot imagine the hate and hostility that he faced on a daily basis, and am in awe that it did not turn him into someone even more hateful than those who perpetrated such ugliness against him.

It reminds me that I can be less petty and less harsh with those who I might not agree with.

5 Positive Lessons Learned From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

You can always do the right thing. There are so many of his quotes where he talks about this.

8 Things We Can Learn From Martin Luther King Jr.’s Words

Whether it is helping others who are less fortunate, or taking a stand against something that is just plain wrong, he reminds us all that it is always time to do what is right. This is related to his philosophy about doing the right thing and about a being a good person.

  1. Setting the proper tone and repeating themes and descriptions to evoke concrete images are all vital in getting your point across. And the lessons are more urgently needed than ever.
  2. Do not give up By far one of my favorites. The answers to our problems are often only available after we learn from others — other people, other cultures, other places — what the right question is.
  3. I say we make this an opportunity to be thankful for those people who have made a difference in this world by making it a better place.
  4. With boldness and conviction, as well as sensitivity and grace.
  5. Nearly half a century after Dr.

But it goes beyond this. He spoke often about having true compassion. He asked us to examine how we as a society can change the conditions that led them to be there in the first place. Doing this makes us better as people.

  1. What a great lesson this is for many aspects in life.
  2. Jan 15, 2016 More from Inc.
  3. Looking past his fears that the large public march would hamper the passage of civil rights legislation, he wound up crafting one of the most electrifying and impactful messages of the struggle — no doubt winning over ignorant, but open minds, that would have otherwise remained closed.
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  5. It wasn't the speeches that influenced government officials to make society-transforming changes - it was the large number of people peacefully demonstrating, lobbying, and influencing. Whatever you do, beware the temptations of flattery.

I have found that it also makes me feel better. Never give up on your dreams. While his life was cut tragically short, he died in pursuit of his dream and in spite of everything he faced, he never gave up on it. He faced obstacles I could never imagine having to face, and still persisted.

  • One day our society must come to see this;
  • King focused on the toughest challenges and the biggest gaps -- the men and women whose lives were the most difficult and who faced the highest barriers;
  • King's book "Why We Can't Wait" unless otherwise cited;
  • We each are special and no one is perfect, therefore we are no one to judge the person next to us;
  • Your words, as well as your life, will have to reflect this.

This reminds me that the small things in my life that often seem insurmountable, are just my excuses for not taking action and are not obstacles. In reality, I am the only obstacle to my own dreams.

5 Life Lessons From Dr. Martin Luther King