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Why women sports do not attract high viewership

The real March Madness: When will women

So why are so many brands neglecting the sponsorship opportunities of this burgeoning sector? By Charlotte Rogers 8 Feb 2018 7: The most recent figures date back to a study of the market between 2011-2013, which found female sports account for a mere 0.

In the UK, more than 4 million people watched the Euros semi-final between England and the Netherlands, while 1.

There’s a huge TV audience for women’s football. It’s time to capitalise on it

Audiences for the event have grown over the past two years, with the 2017 final attracting a record crowd of more than 35,000 and more than a million watching at home. SSE also helped negotiate the deal for kids to go free to the final, targeting families rather than specifically men or women.

  1. It showed me there was clear potential to go to sponsors and ask them to invest.
  2. We put a mic on [team captain] Steph Houghton once in a pre-season friendly.
  3. Hilary Knight is a member of the U. That decision was taken to create a more female aesthetic, so why not do it in fashion?

That was really innovative. In total, the film reached five million people across video-on-demand and YouTube, as well as more than two million people during the final on ITV. Overall, the O2 campaign drove over two million acts of support for the Red Roses.

  1. Share or comment on this article. But I was genuinely surprised — having been, I admit, deluded by the endless hype into thinking that I would be seeing a match of high quality.
  2. Women and men say men better at sports Attitudes about women and sports still have a long way to go before we get to true gender equality, based on a recent poll by Always, the brand that brought us the viral LikeAGirl video sensation. Knight admits the changes in women's sports might not come during her hockey career but says she believes they will eventually come, especially as more women play the game.
  3. It showed me there was clear potential to go to sponsors and ask them to invest.

Social media has been instrumental in disrupting the metrics, says Weston, who sees the old-school rate card of rights and perimeter boards at matches as becoming obsolete. Those campaigns tend to be much more meaningful in terms of the impact they have on corporate performance and employee engagement. Aldi, for example, has selected a range of athletes to work with for the Winter Games, most of whom are female.

Head of sponsorship Mike Mainwaring believes brands are moving beyond purely commercially driven metrics in a bid to become more representative of their customers. There has been a societal change and people have woken up, especially over the past five years. Manchester City Women have taken an innovative approach to marketing that focuses on fan engagement and new technology.

Why brands must rethink their approach to women’s sports sponsorship

We put a mic on [team captain] Steph Houghton once in a pre-season friendly. Would we do that in a competitive fixture? Probably not, but it was an interesting piece of content. Statistics show both these arguments could not be further from the truth. This fan base contains a large proportion of male fans, as well as women and children.

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